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Research Staff Member and NLP PIC Co-Chair
IBM Research - Haifa



I am a research staff member at Project Debater, IBM Research - Haifa. I also serve as the Haifa lab co-chair of the Natural Language Processing Professional Interests Community (NLP PIC). My current research is focused on argument mining, stance classification and sentiment analysis. My past research tackled various problems in natural language processing, including textual entailment, sentiment analysis, social media analysis, information extraction, text classification and Hebrew processing. 

Before joining IBM in 2013, I managed the core algorithms team at Leadspace, a business intelligence startup based on semantic technologies. Prior to that, I managed the text mining group at Digital Trowel, a text mining startup.

I received my Ph.D in Computer Science from Bar-Ilan University in 2010, under the supervision of  Prof. Ido Dagan. In my Ph.D research I developed a knowledge-based semantic inference engine operating over lexical-syntactic representations. I co-organized the Second Recognizing Textual Entailment challenge (RTE2), led the Bar-Ilan team for the RTE3 & RTE4 challenges, and was part of the team for RTE5, which won the search task. Here is an article about textual entailment research in Prof. Dagan's lab, published in the Galileo magazine (in Hebrew).

I hold B.Sc (Summa Cum Laude) and M.Sc (Cum Laude) in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (1996, 2005). My M.Sc research was done under the supervision of Prof. Yoad Winter and Prof. Khalil Sima'an. In my M.Sc research I have developed a tool for part-of speech tagging and word segmentation of Hebrew. The tool is maintained by MILA, Knowledge Center for Processing Hebrew in the Technion (Demo).

I served six years as a senior team leader and project manager at the C4I unit, Israel Defense Forces (1996-2002). During my undergraduate studies I worked for two years on compiler optimizations at IBM Research - Haifa (1994-1996).