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India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India



Hello! I am a Researcher in the Blockchain and Supply chain group at the IBM Research India lab in Bangalore. My research interests are in cryptography and security, focusing on the challenges in computing over private data in untrusted environments. At IBM, I work on projects around encrypted databases, IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply and privacy-preserving machine learning. I am also an IBM Quantum Ambassador.

I recently completed my PhD from the University of Waterloo advised by Sergey Gorbunov and David Jao, where I was part of the amazing CrySP group and IQC. Previously, I did my masters with the Theory Group at University of Toronto advised by Vinod Vaikuntanathan, and then started my PhD with Charles Rackoff before "transferring" to Waterloo. Even before, I did my undergrad at College of Engineering, Guindy during when I had the chance to work under Prof. Pandu Rangan at IIT Madras. During my PhD, I had interned at Microsoft Research labs in India with Nishanth Chandran and Cambridge with Kapil Vaswani.