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Research Scientist
India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India



I work in the area of Blockchain, specifically in the Linux Open Source Project --- Hyperledger Fabric. I am one of the developer of ledger component in the Hyperledger Fabric.

My blog on blockchain --

I am working and leading the following research threads

  1. Design and Implementation of A Blockchain Relational Database: I lead a small team and built the first-ever blockchain platform. For more details, refer to
  2. Optimization of Hyperledger fabric: Improved fabric v1.0 performance from 140 tips to 2700 tps (16x). These optimisations were successfully incorporated in Fabric v1.1. Further, proposed and implementing a ledger cache for Fabric v2.0 -- For more details, refer to and

  3. Design and Implementation of Privacy Enabled Ledger: In fabric, all peers see all data stored in a channel. As this violates privacy and certain critical application such as health care, kyc requires data privacy, designed private ledger and implemented the same for fabric v1.2 -- For more details, refer to and  

  4. Design and Implementation of Ledger Rollback: (details will be added soon)

  5. Design and Implementation of Checkpointing in Blockchain: A preliminary design can be found in

  6. Design of PostgreSQL under Fabric: A preliminary design can be found in

  7. Design and Implementation of Atomic Commit: A preliminary design can be found in

  8. Design and Implementation of Sparse Peer: (details will be added soon)

In the past, I worked on the following research threads

  1. Internals of virtualization technologies such as KVM, Xen, and Containers 
  2. Virtual machine live migration and the use-cases
  3. Image management in Docker containers.

I joined IBM Research after completing the M.Tech + Ph.D. dual degree program from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in June 2016. My Ph.D. thesis was on the performance modeling and optimizing virtual machine live migration, one of the core techniques for managing a data center. I received the B.E degree from Madras Institute of Technology, India. My research interests span the areas of resource management in cloud & software-defined networks, operating systems, elastic data analytics platforms, micro-services, blockchain technology, machine learning, and performance modeling of software systems. Apart from that, I am also interested in various activities like rock climbing, long-distance cycling, hiking, and skating.

My old webpage during grad school: