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Research Scientist
India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India



Shravan Sajja is a researcher in the Cognitive Operations and Environmental Analytics group at IBM Research India, Bangalore. He was a research scientist in the Optimization, Control and Decision Sciences group at IBM Research Ireland from 2013 to 2016. His current research interests include machine learning and application of control theoretical ideas for software design.


  • Mathematical modelling based on Ordinary Differential Equations, Differential-Algebraic Equations and Probabilistic Graphical Models.
  • Stability preserving numerical discretization methods and simulation methods.
  • Stability analysis and control design of Large Scale Interconnected Systems, Hybrid Systems, Discrete Event Systems.

Shravan Sajja obtained his M.Tech. degree from the Interdisciplinary Programme in Systems and Control, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India. During his post-graduation studies, he was also a DAAD scholar in Technical University of Dresden, where he worked on the problems concerning active vibration control.  In 2012 he finished his doctoral thesis titled "Stability results for constrained dynamical systems" from Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth under the supervision of Prof. Robert Shorten. He also worked as postdoctoral researcher in University of Notre Dame with Prof. Panos Antsaklis. Primary focus of his postdoctoral research was passivity based design of cyber-physical systems.