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Certified L3 IT Specialist and Master Inventor, Emerging Technologies
IBM Hursley, UK


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Graham White has been an IT Professional and Computer Scientist since the year 2000 when he started working for IBM. Graham is a senior technical leader, certified at the highest (Level 3, Thought Leader) level of the IBM Technical Specialist profession. He focuses on Emerging Technologies with a wide range of interests including AI/ML, Deep Learning and Data Science, Distributed Computing, Natural Language Processing, Speech to Text, Modelling and Full Stack Web Development. He is a certified Linux expert, having experience in a wide range of areas associated with operating systems, applications, services and security. He regularly uses a variety of machine learning platforms and libraries to solve complex client requirements across a range of problem areas in different industries. Graham enjoys working in the gap between pure research and business-as-usual, something akin to applied research, by looking for opportunities to apply bleeding edge technologies for the first time on real client engagements. Before work, Graham spent 5 years studying business and IT related subjects to degree level.