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Research in computational modelling and high performance computing
IBM Research Laboratory, UK



Dr Robert Sawko is a Research Staff Member at IBM Research in Data Centric Solutions and is part of IBM Research presence at Science and Technology Facilties Concil's (STFC) in Daresbury Laboratory. He received his PhD from Cranfield University in applied mathematics. He has got experience in running simulations on high performance computing facilities and worked in several engineering fields including oil and gas, renewable energy and fatigue analysis.

The main research area is computational fluid dynamics (CFD) of multiphase flow, particularly dispersions in chemical engineering applications such as mixing or separation. Within the context of CFD models he is also implementing uncertainty quantification methodologies in order to understand prediction errors. Other activities include studying the performance of CFD codes on parallel architectures as well as automated research software validation and verification.

Having applied mathematics background Dr Sawko has retained interest in a large number of fields including optimization, statistics, numerical analysis and turbulent flow modelling. He also enjoys history of science and epistemology.