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Research Staff Member & Chair, NLP Professional Community
IBM Research AI, New York, USA


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  Association for Computational Linguistics


Work Experience: [ CV ]

  • NLP Chair, IBM, 2017 - present
  • Research Scientist, IBM, 2014 - present
  • Research Intern, Microsoft Research, Summer 2013
  • Data & Tech Analyst Intern, Morgan Stanley, Summer 2011


About him: 
Avi is a Research Scientist in the Information Extraction and NLP group at IBM Research AI. He is also the Chair of the NLP professional community of IBM. His research focusses on making AI systems understand the meaning of natural language text. Most of his work has been on making sense of large unstructured web data applying machine learning algorithms: Extracting entities (names of persons, organizations, etc.), resolving them to big knowledge-bases (like Wikipedia) and extracting relationships between the entities.

Here's a recent article about his research on Entity Linking.

Avi completed his PhD in Computer Science under the supervision of his thesis advisor Alexander Yates. He also worked on Temporal Information Extraction in the Machine Learning Group at Microsoft Research, Redmond managed by Chris Burges and John Platt. His mentor was Silviu Cucerzan. 

Latest News:

  1. (new) Giving the Multi-lingual Entity Discovery and Linking Tutorial at ACL 2018 along with Dan Roth, Heng Ji & Silviu Cucerzan.
  2. (new) Area chair for COLING 2018
  3. (new) Area chair for Information Extraction at NAACL 2018
  4. (new) AAAI 2018 Paper accepted: Neural Cross-lingual Entity Linking
  5. (new) Organizing ACL 2018 Workshop on "Relevance of Linguistic Structures in Neural NLP".
  6. (new) Best Score: English Entity Discovery and Linking. TAC 2017.
  7. EMNLP 2017 paper: Slot Filling with Neural Attentive models

Research Interests: 

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Question Answering
  • Information Extraction
  •  Deep Learning