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Software developer in the X10 programming language group of IBM Research
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



I am in the programming languages department of IBM research, but I am not a programming language expert. Instead, my work is in the runtime. I spend my time ensuring that your program, whatever it may be, runs efficiently on large-scale systems, taking advantage of specialized hardware such as Infiniband, GPUs, etc.

You want your program to scale across tens or even hundreds of thousands of cores. You want your program to be resilient in the face of hardware failures. You want your program to perform with peak efficiency on the hardware available to it. I work in the X10 Runtime to ensure that anything running on our runtime has these properties. Our runtime has both Java and Native implementations, and the X10 runtime underlies the X10 programming language, but also can be used by regular Java or C++ programs.

I have a history within IBM of working in underlying frameworks and runtimes for various types of programs. In all cases, very high uptime and scaling across many cores and networked machines have been a primary focus.