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Program Director, AI for Healthy Living, AI Horizons Network
Master Inventor, IBM Research-Almaden



** PI of "AI for Healthy Living (AIHL)" program. This is a Research Collaboration with UC San Diego under IBM AI Horizons Network. A 5 year collaboration from August 2017.

Objectives of AIHL Program: Build quality datasets and apply AI empowered tools for:

  • identifying early markers of neurocognitive, physical and psychosocial changes that hamper independent living of older adults; building a knowledge base for research and prevention practice   (“AI for Healthy Aging”)
  • discovering the association of human microbiome with health; building a knowledge base for application specific microbiome advisor ("AI for Human Microbiome”)

** Extensive research experience in physical science

  • Energy storage (Research Manager for B500)
  • Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Physics: x-ray and neutron reflectivity and scattering