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Academy of Technology LogoPrincipal Research Scientist, Manager, Hybrid Biological-AI Modeling
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



James Kozloski joined IBM Research in 2001, and was named an IBM Principal Research Scientist in 2022. James leads IBM Research's department of Hybrid Biological-AI Modeling, working with external collaborators in Neuroscience, Cardiology, and Pharmacometrics, and modeling brain and heart function from neurosynaptic physiology in brain circuits and tissue to myocyte contraction in active heart tissue.

As a manager, James oversees efforts to use AI to solve stochastic inverse problems for biophysical models of disease and drug mechanism of action. His team focuses on quantitative systems pharmacology and PKPD for model-based therapeutic design and triaging, applying Deep Learning methods and generative models to population parameter inference. 

In addition to publishing his scientific work, James has over 250 issued patents in the areas of neuroscience, neurotechnology, and computer science. In 2010, he was named an IBM Master Inventor and in 2017, a member of IBM's Academy of Technology.

In 2015, James began an initiative to model computation in the neocortical, thalamic, and basal ganglia circuit, which has grown under his leadership into IBM’s Systems Neuroscience Approach to General Intelligence (SynAGI).

James is a senior strategist at IBM Research in both Accelerated Discovery’s Healthcare and Life Science’s Accelerated Technology, and in Exploratory Science’s initiative in brain-based computing, known as SynAGI.