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Academy of Technology LogoIBM Distinguished Engineer; Chief Scientist -- Environmental Modelling, and Chief Scientist, Deep Thunder
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Lloyd A. Treinish leads the environmental science team in the Smarter Energy amd Environmental Sciences Department at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. He is the pioneer of scientifically-based services for environmentally-sensitive business operations, including issues related to weather, water, energy, climate and sustainability, which are critical to opportunities for the "Smarter Planet". He has three decades of experience in earth, space and environmental sciences, and related computing, and observing and simulation systems at IBM and NASA He is globally recognized as being the father of "Deep Thunder", which has enabled the practical use of advanced modelling for weather-sensitive decision making. Hence, he is widely recognized as IBM's leading expert in the application of advanced HPC technology to weather and environmental forecasting and disaster mitigation. He brings a combination of experience in planning, operations (especially for issues related to weather prediction), modelling and applications, including delivery of solutions to end-user clients. He is also the leading IBM expert in scientific visualization and data models. The visualization work was pioneering from a user-centric design perspective in the development of methods of task-driven decomposition. His earlier work in data models became the standard in the space plasma physics community and derivatives of that work are a standard in the atmospheric and oceanographic communities. In all of these areas, he has broad skills ranging from theory to implementation and is able to combine this experience with an understanding of customer activities and the implications for current and new business opportunities. Prior to his current position, he did related work for IBM Big Green Innovations, where he established the overall scientific direction for this initiative focused on enabling services for environmentally-sensitive business decisions. He also led the underlying research and development in these areas, including a team with broad experience in meteorology, hydrology, visualization, data analysis, statistics, modelling and observing systems, and high-performance computing. He has expanded this work in the Industry Solutions Department to address a broader set of Smarter Planet applications, especially those related to energy, including renewables, cities, buildings and transportation. His earlier work included visualization systems, visual design, data models, environmental sciences, and cartography. He joined IBM Research in 1990 after doing related work for over twelve years at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD as a senior computer scientist, where he led development teams, and designed and implemented advanced scientific data and information systems in the earth and space sciences, and did research in scientific data management and visualization, and space and atmospheric sciences. He has been issued four patents, has authored over 60 technical articles, and has presented extensively at external conferences.


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