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Director & IBM Research Distinguished Engineer
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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I am leading the research and services team in developing a new architecture and design to create a more effective storage management services in IBM's Strategic Outsourcing Accounts.

My current research interests are in the area of systems management with primary focus on storage. My vision is to develop an integrated systems (storage, network and server) analytics and performance management tool to aid policy based autonomic resource provisioning of server, network and storage networks.

Explosive growth in computing and storage requirements has made enterprise systems management a nightmare for administrators. Supporting efficient and reliable access to data and at the same time reducing operating cost and total cost of ownership (TCO) is extremely difficult. The Autonomic Systems and Storage Management group at IBM Research, Almaden, is conducting research on reducing cost of managing next generation storage and compute cloud environments through simplification and automation. This includes research in building innovative and intelligent user interface design for systems management to low level planning, analyses and optimization of underlying compute and storage resources through technologies like virtualization. Our research agenda consists of both short and long term goals and we aggressively partner with other research and product groups within IBM to solve practical and challenging problems faced by our partners and customers.

Some of our current focuses include:

  • Systems management interface to analyze topology, dependencies and configuration of different cloud components
  • Integrated management of server and storage virtualization
  • Scalable and efficient configuration discovery and monitoring
  • Integrated and end-to-end planning, provisioning and optimization in storage cloud
  • Power efficient management of cloud resources and workload
  • . Change tracking and configuration history management
  • Chargeback modeling and monitoring for clouds
  • Real-time and low cost performance analysis
  • Replication and disaster recovery planning and management

My previous research included extensive work in the area of object oriented databases, intelligent character recognition, contextual processing, video coding systems and personal content management.