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Security and Privacy - overview

Welcome to IBM Security & Privacy PIC page!

The Professional Interest Communities (PICs) at IBM Research are a group of 21 research areas that seek to enhance interactions between IBM researchers and research professionals in the wider world.


The goals of Security & Privacy PIC include:

- Develop and pursue a strategy to increase the influence and viewpoint within IBM of the S&P PIC through Big Bets, Strategic Initiatives and GTO topics

- Review the scope of the PIC, incorporate emerging topics and research directions, update the list of PIC conferences as necessary

- Increase collaborations with external researchers by inviting world-class researchers for long and short term visits to IBM labs and working with them

- Continue to build local research communities and improve collaboration with other PICs, encouraging interdisciplinary research

- Organize workshops/tutorials in the key S&P conferences and host Regional Security & Privacy events

- Organizing regular S&P PIC seminars with top faculty, students, and other external visitors

- Sponsor PIC Top and Targeted Conferences and selected S&P workshops organized in conjunction with PIC conferences

- Improve web presence of PIC members


The IBM Research division is pursuing many exciting topics in the areas of network and computer security in its labs around the world.

Below find a list of links to research groups and projects in Security and Privacy at IBM. The left navigation bar will show you the people involved in Security Research at IBM, and our recent publications.