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fractal IBM mathematicians have made contributions to state-of-the-art algorithms for linear, non-linear, mixed-integer and derivative-free optimization, as well as new areas such as algorithmic game theory and quantum complexity. Working with IBM Business Consulting Services and the IBM Center for Business Optimization, researchers have access to an array of challenging problems that have resulted in innovative solutions and a deeper understanding of the fundamental theoretical issues underlying many business problems.

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Open Collaborative Research: Optimizing capabilities to drill for petroleum Applied mathematicians from IBM Research, such as Andrew Conn, are working with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology to maximize oil exploration in the North Sea.

Open Collaborative Research: Finding a model for ill-posed problems An IBM Research collaboration with the University of British Columbia homes in on solving problems based on scant but reasonable information.

Pat Goldberg Best Paper Awards for 2011 announced Awards focus on recording areal density on barium ferrite tape; saving energy in POWER7; developing a framework for ZK-PoK protocols; scaling up low-rank matrix-factorization algorithms to massive data, and developing organic packages with embedded phased-array antennas for 60-GHz wireless chipsets.

Simpler tools for more complex systems Optimization solutions are already used to solve work shift scheduling, transportation or finance problems -- and now, says Gabi Zodik, they will be used to automate the systems engineering design process. [IBM Research Blog]

The beauty and mystery of mathematics IBM researcher Cliff Pickover, author of The Math Book and winner of the 2011 Neumann Prize, blogs about the biennial Gathering 4 Gardner meeting. [A Smarter Planet Blog]

Free iPad app from IBM reinvents iconic '60s era exhibit on history of mathematics App marks the impact of math on the world and pays tribute to Mathematica exhibit created by design team of Charles and Ray Eames. Also: Bringing STEM learning to life President and director of the Museum of Science in Boston lauds Minds of Modern Mathematics free iPad app.

Seven new IBM Fellows join a distinguished tradition of excellence and innovation Three are from IBM Research: Paul Coteus, Ron Fagin and Ruchir Puri.

What's all this about P not equaling NP? Ken Clarkson, Ron Fagin and Ryan Williams look back on the Deolalikar affair and offer up an analysis of it.

John Cohn gets jiggy with kids over computer engineering IBM Fellow presents electrifying evidence for an exciting career in science. (YouTube)

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