Pat Goldberg Memorial Best Paper Awards     


Pat Goldberg Memorial Best Paper Awards - overview

Every year, IBM researchers may submit papers, published in refereed conference proceedings and journals in the previous calendar year, to the Pat Goldberg Memorial Best Paper Award competition, an annual competition sponsored by IBM Research. Originally, the competition encompassed papers in computer science, electrical engineering, and mathematics. In recent years, the scope has expanded to encompass all technical areas in IBM Research, including Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, and Physical Sciences.  

From the papers submitted each year, the Research Professional Interest Communities (PICs) and representatives of the Physical Sciences Council may nominate papers based on technical significance (depth and breadth) and expected long-term impact.

A selection committee consisting senior IBM researchers reviews the nominated papers and selects a small number (typically, between two to six) winners of the annual Pat Goldberg Memorial Best Paper Award competition.

Here are the winners of the competition from 1999-2021:



1. Tunable coupling architecture for fixed-frequency transmon superconducting qubits
Physical Review Letters

Jiri Stehlik, David Zajac, Devin Underwood, Timothy Phung, John Blair, Santino Carnevale, David Klaus, George Keefe, April Carniol, Muir Kumph, Matthias Steffen, Oliver Dial


2. Accelerated antimicrobial discovery via deep generative models and molecular dynamics simulations
Nature Biomedical Engineering

Payel Das, Tom Sercu, Kahini Wadhawan, Inkit Padhi, Sebastian Gehrmann, Flaviu Cipcigan, Vijil Chenthamarakshan, Hendrik Strobelt, Cicero Dos Santos, Pin-Yu Chen, Yi Yan Yang, Jeremy Tan, James Hedrick, Jason Crain, Aleksandra Mojsilovic


3.  Perovskite-type superlattices from lead halide perovskite nanocubes

Ihor Cherniukh, Gabriele Raino, Thilo Stöferle, Max Burian, Alex Travesset, Denys Naumenko, Heinz Amenitsch, Rolf Erni, Rainer F. Mahrt, Maryna I. Bodnarchuk, Maksym V. Kovalenko


4.  Parallel convolutional processing using an integrated photonic tensor core

Johannes Feldmann, Nathan Youngblood, Maxim Karpov, Helge Gehring, Xuan Li, Maik Stappers, Manuel Le Gallo, Xin Fu, Anton Lukashchuk, Arslan Raja, Junqiu Liu, David Wright, Abu Sebastian, Tobias Kippenberg, Wolfram Pernice, Harish Bhaskaran



Cryptanalysis of OCB2: Attacks on Authenticity and Confidentiality

Authors:  Akiko Inoue (NEC Corporation, Japan), Tetsu Iwata (Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan), Kazuhiko Minematsu (NEC Corporation, Kawasaki, Japan), Bertram Poettering (IBM Research Europe - Zurich)

In-memory Hyperdimensional Computing

Authors:  Geethan Karunaratne (IBM Research-Zurich), Manuel Le Gallo (IBM Research-Zurich), Giovanni Cherubini (IBM Research-Zurich), Luca Benini (ETH Zurich), Abbas Rahimi (IBM Research-Zurich), Abu Sebastian (IBM Research-Zurich)

Topological and Subsystem Codes on Low-Degree Graphs with Flag Qubits 

Authors:  Christopher Chamberland (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (now at AWS)), Guanyu Zhu (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), Ted Yoder (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), Jared Hertzberg (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), Andrew Cross (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)



Carrier-Resolved Photo-Hall Effect

Authors:  Oki Gunawan (IBM Research - Yorktown), Syung Ryul Pae (KAIST - Korea), Douglas M. Bishop (IBM Research - Yorktown), Byungha Shin (KAIST - Korea), David Mitzi (Duke University), Yudistira Virgus (IBM Research - Yorktown), Jun Hong Noh (KRICT - Korea), Nam Joong Jeon (KRICT - Korea), Yun Seog Lee (Seoul National University), Teodor Todorov (IBM Research - Yorktown), Xiaoyan Shao (IBM Research - Yorktown)

Supervised learning with quantum-enhanced feature spaces

Authors:  Vojtěch Havlíček (Oxford University), Antonio D. Córcoles (IBM Research - Yorktown), Kristan Temme (IBM Research - Yorktown), Aram W. Harrow (MIT), Abhinav Kandala (IBM Research - Yorktown), Jerry M. Chow (IBM Research - Yorktown), Jay M. Gambetta (IBM Research - Yorktown)


Quantum Advantage with Shallow Circuits

Authors:  Sergey Bravyi (IBM Research - Yorktown), David Gosset (IBM Research - Yorktown), Robert König (Technical University of Munich)

Hyperledger fabric: a distributed operating system for permissioned blockchains

Authors:  Elli Androulaki (IBM Research - Zurich), Artem Barger (IBM Research - Haifa), Vita Bortnikov (IBM Research - Haifa), Christian Cachin (University of Bern), Konstantinos Christidis (Netflix), Angelo De Caro (IBM Research - Zurich), David Enyeart (IBM), Christopher Ferris (IBM), Gennady Laventman (IBM Research - Haifa), Yacov Manevich (IBM Research - Haifa), Srinivasan Muralidharan (State Street Corp), Chet Murthy (Independent), Binh Nguyen (State Street Corp), Manish Sethi (IBM), Gari Singh (IBM), Keith Smith (IBM), Alessandro Sorniotti (IBM Research - Zurich), Chrysoula Stathakopoulou (IBM Research - Zurich), Marko Vukolić (IBM Research - Zurich), Sharon Weed Cocco (IBM), Jason Yellick (IBM)

Bright triplet excitons in caesium lead halide perovskites

Authors:  Michael A. Becker (IBM Research - Zurich), Roman Vaxenburg (George Mason University), Georgian Nedelcu (ETH Zurich), Peter C. Sercel (Cal Tech), Andrew Shabaev (George Mason University), Michael J. Mehl (US Naval Academy), John G. Michopoulos (Naval Research Laboratory), Samuel G. Lambrakos (Naval Research Laboratory), Noam Bernstein (Naval Research Laboratory), John L. Lyons (Naval Research Laboratory), Thilo Stöferle (IBM Research - Zurich), Rainer F. Mahrt (IBM Research - Zurich), Maksym V. Kovalenko (ETH Zurich), David J. Norris (ETH Zurich), Gabriele Rainò (IBM Research - Zurich), Alexander L. Efros (Naval Research Laboratory)

Equivalent-accuracy accelerated neural-network training using analogue memory

Authors:  Stefano Ambrogio, Pritish Narayanan, Hsinyu Tsai, Robert M. Shelby, Irem Boybat, Carmelo di Nolfo, Severin Sidler, Massimo Giordano, Martina Bodini, Nathan C. P. Farinha, Benjamin Killeen, Christina Cheng, Yassine Jaoudi, Geoffrey W. Burr (All IBM Research - Almaden)



Ballistic One-Dimensional InAs Nanowire Cross-Junction Interconnects (NANO LETTERS 17(4), March 2017)

Authors: Johannes Gooth (IBM Research − Zurich), Mattias Borg (IBM Research − Zurich), Heinz Schmid (IBM Research − Zurich), Vanessa Schaller (IBM Research − Zurich), Stephan Wirths (IBM Research − Zurich), Kirsten Moselund (IBM Research − Zurich), Mathieu Luisier (ETH Zurich, Integrated Systems Laboratory), Siegfried Karg (IBM Research − Zurich) and Heike Riel (IBM Research − Zurich).

Hardware-efficient variational quantum eigensolver for small molecules and quantum magnets (NATURE, Vol. 549, Pages 242–246 (14 SEPTEMBER 2017)

Authors: Abhinav Kandala; Antonio Mezzacapo; Kristan Temme; Maika Takita; Markus Brink; Jerry M. Chow; and Jay M. Gambetta (IBM Research - Yorktown)

A 28-GHz 32-Element TRX Phased-Array IC With Concurrent Dual-Polarized Operation and Orthogonal Phase and Gain Control for 5G Communications (IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS, VOL. 52, NO. 12, DECEMBER 2017)

Authors: Bodhisatwa Sadhu (IBM Research - Yorktown); Yahya Tousi (IBM Research - Yorktown); Joakim Hallin (Ericsson - Göteborg); Stefan Sahl (Ericsson - Stockholm); Scott K. Reynolds (IBM Research - Yorktown); Örjan Renström (Ericsson - Stockholm); Kristoffer Sjögren (Ericsson - Göteborg); Olov Haapalahti (Ericsson - Stockholm); Nadav Mazor (IBM Research - Haifa); Bo Bokinge (Ericsson - Stockholm); Gustaf Weibull (Ericsson - Göteborg); Håkan Bengtsson (Ericsson - Stockholm); Anders Carlinger (Ericsson - Stockholm); Eric Westesson (Ericsson, - Lund); Jan-Erik Thillberg (Ericsson - Stockholm); Leonard Rexberg (Ericsson - Stockholm); Mark Yeck (IBM Research - Yorktown); Xiaoxiong Gu (IBM Research - Yorktown); Mark Ferriss (IBM Research - Yorktown); Duixian Liu (IBM Research - Yorktown); Daniel Friedman (IBM Research - Yorktown); and Alberto Valdes-Garcia (IBM Research - Yorktown).

One TPM to Bind Them All: Fixing TPM 2.0 for Provably Secure Anonymous Attestation (2017 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy)

Authors: Jan Camenisch (IBM Research – Zurich); Liqun Chen (University of Surrey); Manu Drijvers (IBM Research – Zurich, ETH Zurich); Anja Lehmann (IBM Research – Zurich); David Novick (Intel); and Rainer Urian (Infi neon).

Stacked Nanosheet Gate-All-Around Transistor to Enable Scaling Beyond FinFET (2017 Symposium on VLSI Technology Digest of Technical Papers)

Authors: N. Loubet (IBM); T. Hook (IBM); P. Montanini (IBM); C.-W. Yeung(IBM); S. Kanakasabapathy (IBM); M. Guillorn (IBM); T. Yamashita (IBM); J. Zhang (IBM); X. Miao (IBM); J. Wang (IBM); A. Young (IBM); R. Chao (IBM); M. Kang (IBM); Z. Liu (IBM); S. Fan (IBM); B. Hamieh (IBM); S. Sieg (IBM); Y. Mignot (IBM); W. Xu (IBM); S.-C. Seo (IBM); J. Yoo (Samsung Electronics); S. Mochizuki (IBM);  M. Sankarapandian (IBM); O. Kwon2, A. Carr (IBM); A. Greene (IBM); Y. Park (Samsung Electronics); J. Frougier (Global Foundries); R. Galatage (Global Foundries; R. Bao (IBM); J. Shearer (IBM); R. Conti (IBM); H. Song (Samsung Electronics; D. Lee (Samsung Electronics); D. Kong(IBM);, Y. Xu1, A. Arceo (IBM); Z. Bi (IBM); P. Xu (IBM); R. Muthinti (IBM); J. Li (IBM); R. Wong (IBM); D. Brown (Global Foundries); P. Oldiges (IBM); R. Robison (IBM); J. Arnold (IBM); N. Felix (IBM); S. Skordas (IBM); J. Gaudiello (IBM); T. Standaert (IBM); H. Jagannathan (IBM); D. Corliss (IBM); M.-H. Na (IBM); A. Knorr3, T. Wu (IBM); D. Gupta (IBM); S. Lian (Samsung Electronics); R. Divakaruni (IBM); T. Gow1, C. Labelle (Global Foundries); S. Lee (Samsung Electronics); V. Paruchuri (IBM); H. Bu (IBM); and M. Khare (IBM).

Harnessing A.I. for Augmenting Creativity: Application to Movie Trailer Creation (MM '17 Proceedings of the 2017 ACM on Multimedia Conference Pages 1799-1808)

Authors: John R. Smith (IBM - Yorktown); Dhiraj Joshi (IBM - Yorktown); Benoit Huet (EURECOM); Winston Hsu (National Taiwan University); Jozef Cota (IBM - Yorktown).



Compressed Linear Algebra for Large Scale Machine Learning (PROCEEDINGS OF THE VLDB ENDOWMENT, Vol. 9, No. 12)

Authors: Ahmed Elgohary (University of Maryland, College Park), Matthias Boehm (IBM Research - Almaden), Peter J. Haas (IBM Research - Almaden), Frederick R. Reiss (IBM Research - Almaden), Berthold Reinwald (IBM Research - Almaden)

Stochastic phase-change neurons (NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, 16 MAY 2016, DOI: 10.138/NNANO.2016.70)

Authors: Tomas Tuma (IBM Research -­­ Zurich), Angeliki Pantazi (IBM Research - Zurich), Manuel Le Gallo (IBM Research - Zurich, ETH Zurich), Abu Sebastian (IBM Research - Zurich), and Evangelos Eleftheriou (IBM Research - Zurich)

Improved Classical Simulation of Quantum Circuits Dominated by Clifford Gates (PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 116, 250501, 20 JUNE 2016)

Authors: Sergey Bravyi (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center) and David Gosset (California Institute of Technology).

Optimal Bounds on Approximation of Submodular and XOS Functions by Juntas (SIAM JOURNAL OF COMPUTING, 45(3), pp. 1129–1170, 2016)

Authors: Vitaly Feldman (IBM Research - Almaden), Jan Vondrak (IBM Research - Almaden).

Nanoscale lateral displacement arrays for the separation of exosomes and colloids down to 20 nm (NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, 1 AUGUST 2016, DOI: 10.1038/NNANO.2016.134)

Authors: Benjamin H. Wunsch (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Joshua T. Smith (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Stacey M. Gifford (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), ChaoWang ( IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Markus Brink (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Robert L. Bruce (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Robert H. Austin (Princeton University), Gustavo Stolovitzky (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York), and Yann Astier (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center)



2015 (~100 submisisons)

The reusable holdout: Preserving validity in adaptive data analysis (Science Magazine)

Authors: Cynthia Dwork (Microsoft Research), Vitaly Feldman (IBM Research - Almaden), Moritz Hardt (Google Research), Toniann Pitassi (Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto) Omer Reingold (Samsung Research America) and Aaron Roth (Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania)

End-bonded contacts for carbon nanotube transistors with low, size-independent resistance (Science Magazine)

Authors: Qing Cao (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Shu-Jen Han (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Jerry Tersoff (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Aaron D. Franklin (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University), Yu Zhu (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Zhen Zhang (Department of Engineering Sciences, Uppsala University), George S. Tulevski (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Jianshi Tang (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Wilfried Haensch (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center)

An Extreme-Scale Implicit Solver for Complex PDEs: Highly Heterogeneous Flow in Earth’s Mantle (ACM)

Authors: Johann Rudi (The University of Texas at Austin), A. Cristiano, I. Malossi (IBM Research – Zurich), Tobin Isaac (The University of Texas at Austin), Georg Stadler (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University), Michael Gurnis (Seismological Laboratory, California Institute of Technology), Peter W. J. Staar (IBM Research – Zurich), Yves Ineichen (IBM Research – Zurich), Costas Bekas (IBM Research – Zurich), Alessandro Curioni (IBM Research – Zurich) Omar Ghattas (The University of Texas at Austin)



2014 (~100 submissions)

A Million Spiking-Neuron Iintegrated Circuit With a Scalable Communication Network and Interface  (Paul A. Merolla)

Authors: Paul A. Merolla (IBM Research - Almaden), John V. Arthur (IBM Research - Almaden), Rodrigo Alvarez-Icaza (IBM Research - Almaden), Andrew S. Cassidy (IBM Research - Almaden), Jun Sawada (IBM Research - Austin), Filipp Akopyan (IBM Research - Almaden), Bryan L. Jackson IBM Research - Almaden), Nabil Imam (Cornell University), Chen Guo (IBM Engineering and Technology Services, San Jose Design Center), Yutaka Nakamura (IBM Research - Tokyo),  Bernard Brezzo (IBM Research - Watson), Ivan Vo (IBM Research - Austin), Steven K. Esser (IBM Research - Almaden), Rathinakumar Appuswamy (IBM Research - Almaden), Brian Taba (IBM Research - Almaden), Arnon Amir (IBM Research - Almaden), Myron D. Flickner (IBM Research - Almaden), William P. Risk (IBM Research - Almaden), Rajit Manohar (Cornell Tech) and Dharmendra S. Modha (IBM Research - Almaden)

Fully Homomorphic Encryption without Bootstrapping (ACM Digital Library)

Authors: Zvika Brakerski (Weizmann Institute of Science), Craig Gentry (IBM Research -Watson) and Vinod Vaikuntanathan (University of Toronto)

Nearly optimal solutions for the Chow Parameters Problem and low-weight approximation of halfspaces (Ilias Diakonikolas)

Authors: Anindya De (University of California, Berkeley), Ilias Diakonikolas (University of California, Berkeley), Vitaly Feldman (IBM Research – Almaden) and Rocco A Servedio (Columbia University)



2013 (110+ submissions)

Candidate Multilinear Maps From Ideal Lattices [CiteSeerX]
Authors: Sanjam Garg (UCLA), Craig Gentry (IBM Research - Watson), and Shai Halevi (IBM Research - Watson)

Damping pathways of mid-infrared plasmons in graphene nanostructures [Nature Photonics]
Authors: Hugen Yan (IBM Research - Watson), Tony Low (IBM Research - Watson), Wenjuan Zhu (IBM Research - Watson), Yanqing Wu (IBM Research - Watson), Marcus Freitag (IBM Research - Watson), Xuesong Li (IBM Research - Watson), Francisco Guinea Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, CSIC), Phaedon Avouris (IBM Research - Watson) and Fengnian Xia (IBM Research - Watson)

Low Rank Approximation and Regression in Input Sparsity Time [arXiv]
Authors: Kenneth L. Clarkson (IBM Research - Almaden) and David P. Woodruff (IBM Research - Almaden)

Scalable Matrix-valued Kernel Learning for High-dimensional Nonlinear Multivariate Regression and Granger Causality [arXiv]
Authors: Vikas Sindhwani (IBM Research - Watson), Ha Quang Minh (Istituto Italiano di Technologia (IIT), Genova, Italy), Aurelie Lozano (IBM Research - Watson)

2012 (120 submissions)

ELI: Bare-Metal Performance for I/O Virtualization [ACM]
Authors: Abel Gordon (IBM Research - Haifa), Nadav Amit (Technion), Nadav Har'El (IBM Research - Haifa), Muli Ben-Yehuda (IBM Research - Haifa), Alex Landau (IBM Research - Haifa), Assaf Schuster (Technion) and Dan Tsafrir (Technion)

Homomorphic Evaluation of the AES Circuit [Springer]
Authors: Shai Halevi (IBM Research - Watson), Craig Gentry (IBM Research - Watson), and Nigel Smart (University of Bristol)

Lagrangian Duality and Branch-and-Bound Algorithms for Optimal Power Flow [PubsOnline]
Authors: Dzung Phan (IBM Research - Watson)

Light–matter Interaction in a Microcavity-controlled Graphene Transistor []
Authors: Michael Engel (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Mathias Steiner (IBM Research - Watson), Antonio Lombardo (Cambridge University), Andrea Ferrari (Cambridge University), Hilbert v. Löhneysen (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Phaedon Avouris (IBM Research - Watson), Ralph Krupke (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Sublinear Optimization for Machine Learning [IBM]
Authors: Kenneth Clarkson (IBM Research - Almaden), Elad Hazan (Elad Hazan), David Woodruff (IBM Research - Almaden)

2011 (110 submissions)

29.5-Gb/in^2 Recording Areal Density on Barium Ferrite Tape [IEEE Xplore]
Authors: Giovanni Cherubini (IBM Research-Zurich), Roy D. Cideciyan (IBM Research-Zurich), Laurent Dellmann (IBM Research-Zurich), Evangelos Eleftheriou (IBM Research-Zurich), Walter Haeberle (IBM Research-Zurich), Jens Jelitto (IBM Research-Zurich), Venkataraman Kartik (IBM Research-Zurich), Mark A. Lantz (IBM Research-Zurich), Sedat Olcer (IBM Research-Zurich), Angeliki Pantazi (IBM Research-Zurich), Hugo E. Rothuizen (IBM Research-Zurich), David Berman (IBM Research-Almaden), Wayne Imaino (IBM Research-Almaden), Pierre-Olivier Jubert (IBM Research-Almaden), Gary McClelland (IBM Research-Almaden), Peter V. Koeppe (IBM Systems & Technology Group, San Jose), Kazuhiro Tsuruta (IBM Systems & Technology Group, Yamato), Takeshi Harasawa (Recording Media Research Laboratories, FUJIFILM Corporation), Yuto Murata (Recording Media Research Laboratories, FUJIFILM Corporation), Atsushi Musha (Recording Media Research Laboratories, FUJIFILM Corporation), Hitoshi Noguchi (5), Hiroki Ohtsu (Recording Media Research Laboratories, FUJIFILM Corporation), Osamu Shimizu (Recording Media Research Laboratories, FUJIFILM Corporation), and Ryota Suzuki (Recording Media Research Laboratories, FUJIFILM Corporation)

Active Management of Timing Guardband to Save Energy in POWER7 [ACM]
Authors: Charles R. Lefurgy (IBM Research - Austin), Alan J. Drake (IBM Research - Austin), Michael S. Floyd (IBM Sytems & Technology Group, Austin), Malcolm S. Allen-Ware (IBM Research - Austin), Bishop Brock (IBM Sytems & Technology Group, Austin), Jose A. Tierno (IBM Research - Watson), John B. Carter (IBM Research - Austin)

A Framework for Practical Universally Composable Zero-Knowledge Protocols [SiteSeerX]
Authors: Jan Camenisch (IBM Research - Zurich), Stephan Krenn (University of Fribourg), Victor Shoup (New York University)

Large-Scale Matrix Factorization with Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent [ACM]
Authors: Rainer Gemulla (Max Planck Institute- Saarbrucken), Peter Haas (IBM Research - Almaden), Erik Nijkamp (IBM Research - Almaden), Yannis Sismanis (IBM Research - Almaden)

Organic Packages with Embedded Phased-Array Antennas for 60-GHz Wireless Chipsets [IEEE Xplore]
Authors: Dong Gun Kam (IBM Research - Watson), Duixian Liu (IBM Research - Watson), Arun Natarajan (IBM Research - Watson), Scott Reynolds (IBM Research - Watson), Brian Floyd (IBM Research - Watson)

2010 (120 submissions)

A new graph theoretic, multiobjective layout decomposition framework for double patterning lithography [IEEE Xplore]
Authors: Jae-Seok Yang (UT Austin), Katrina Lu (Intel), Minsik Cho (IBM Research - Watson) Kun Yuan (UT Austin) David Pan (UT Austin)

An optimal algorithm for the distinct elements problem [ACM]
Authors: Daniel M. Kane (Harvard University), Jelani Nelson (MIT), and David P. Woodruff (IBM  Research - Almaden)

Constructive algorithms for discrepancy minimization [Arxiv]
Authors: Nikhil Bansal (IBM Research - Watson)

The Turtles Project: Design and Implementation of Nested Virtualization [ACM]
Authors: Muli Ben-Yehuda (IBM Research - Haifa), Zvi Dubitzky (IBM Research - Haifa), Michael Factor (IBM Research - Haifa), Nadav Har’El (IBM Research - Haifa), Abel Gordon (IBM Research - Haifa), Orit Wasserman (IBM Research - Haifa), Ben-Ami Yassour ((IBM Research - Haifa), Anthony Liguori (IBM Linux Technology Center), Michael D. Day (IBM Linux Technology Center)

2009 (145+ submissions)

Fully Homomorphic Encryption Using Ideal Lattices [ACM]

Author: Craig Gentry (Stanford University and IBM Research - Watson)

Serial and Parallel Methods for I/O Efficient Suffix Tree Construction Authors [ACM]

Authors: Amol Ghoting (IBM Research - Watson) and Konstantin Makarychev (IBM Research - Watson) 

Operation of Graphene Transistors at Gigahertz Frequencies [Arxiv]

Authors: Yu-Ming Lin (IBM Research - Watson), Keith A. Jenkins (IBM Research - Watson), Alberto Valdes-Garcia (IBM Research - Watson), Joshua P. Small (IBM Research - Watson), Damon B. Farmer (IBM Research - Watson), and Phaedon Avouris (IBM Research - Watson)

2008 (145 submissions)

Competing in the Dark: An Efficient Algorithm for Bandit Linear Optimization [UPenn]
Authors: Jacob Abernethy (UC Berkeley), Elad Hazan (IBM Research - Almaden), Alexander Rakhlin (UC Berkeley)

MCDB: A Monte Carlo Approach to Managing Uncertain Data [ACM]
Authors: Ravi Jampani (Univerity of Florida), Fei Xu (Univerity of Florida), Mingxi Wu (U. Florida), Luis Leopoldo Perez (Univerity of Florida), Christopher Jermaine (Univerity of Florida), Peter Haas (IBM Research - Almaden)

Portably Solving File Races with Hardness Amplification [ACM]
Authors: Dan Tsafrir (IBM Research - Watson), Tomer Hertz (Microsoft Research), David Wagner (UC Berkeley), Dilma Da Silva (IBM Research - Watson)

Quantum Communication with Zero Capacity Channels [Arxiv]
Graeme Smith (IBM Research - Watson), Jon Yard (Los Alamos National Labs)

2007 (130 submissions)

A Primal-dual Randomized Algorithm for Weighted Paging [ACM]
Authors: Nikhil Bansal (Eindhoven University of Technology; IBM), Niv Buchbinder (Open University of Israel), Seffi Naor (Technion)

Static Specification Mining Using Automata-Based Abstractions [ACM]
AuthorsSharon Shoham (Technion), Eran Yahav (IBM Research - Watson), Stephen Fink (IBM Research - Watson), Marco Pistoia (IBM Research - Watson)

Trojan Detection Using IC Fingerprinting [IEEE Xplore]
Authors: Dakshi Agrawal (IBM Research - Watson), Pankaj Rohatgi (IBM Research - Watson), Selçuk Baktir (WPI), Deniz Karakoyunlu (WPI), Berk Sunar (WPI)

2006 (132 submissions)

A Silicon 60GHz Receiver and Transmitter Chipset for Broadband Communications [NCSU]
Authors: Brian Floyd (IBM Research - Watson), Scott Reynolds (IBM Research - Watson), Ullrich Pfeiffer (IBM Research - Watson), Troy Beukema (IBM Research - Watson), Janusz Grzyb (IBM Research - Watson), Chuck Haymes (IBM Research - Watson)

Buffer Scalability of Wireless Networks [ACM]
Authors: Predrag R. Jelenkovic (Columbia University), Petar Momcilovic (University of Michigan), and Mark S. Squillante (IBM Research - Watson)

Cover Trees for Nearest Neighbor [WUSTL]
Authors: Alina Beygelzimer (IBM Research - Watson), Sham Kakade (TTI-Chicago) and John Langford (TTI-Chicago, now Yahoo Research)

On the Composition of Authenticated Byzantine Agreement [SiteSeerX]
Authors: Yehuda Lindell (Bar-Ilan University), Anna Lysyanskaya (Brown), Tal Rabin (IBM Research - Watson)

2005 (132 submissions)

Automatic Fragment Detection in Dynamic Web Pages and Its Impact on Caching [Georgia Tech]
Authors: Lakshmish Ramaswamy (Georgia Tech), Arun Iyengar, Ling Liu (Georgia Tech), Fred Douglis (IBM Research - Watson)

Consistently estimating the selectivity of conjuncts of predicates [ACM]
Authors: Volker Markl (IBM Research - Almaden), Peter Haas (IBM Research - Almaden), Nimrod Megiddo (IBM Research - Almaden), Marcel Kutsch (IBM Germany), T.M. Tran (IBM SVL), and Utkarsh Srivastava (former summer intern, Stanford)

Learning to Estimate Query Difficulty (Including Applications to Missing Content Detection and Distributed Information Retrieval) [ACM]
Authors: Elad Yom-Tov (IBM Research - Haifa), Shai Fine (IBM Research - Haifa), David Carmel (IBM Research - Haifa), Adam Darlow (formerly IBM Research - Haifa)

Reincarnating PCs with Portable SoulPads [ACM]
Authors: Ramon Caceres (IBM Research - Watson), Casey Carter (former summer intern, UIUC), Chandra Narayanaswami (IBM Research - Watson), M. T. Raghunath (formerly IBM Research - Watson)

The unique games conjecture, integrality gap for cut problems and the embeddability of negative type metrics into l_1 [ACM]
Authors: Nisheeth K. Vishnoi (IBM Research - India) and Subhash A. Khot (Georgia Tech)

The Uniform-Phase Uniform-Amplitude Resonant-Load Global Clock Distribution []
Authors: Steven Chan (Columbia University), Kenneth Shepard (Columbia University), Phillip J. Restle (IBM Research - Watson)

2004 (113 submissions)

First-order incremental block-based statistical timing analysis [ACM]
Authors: Chandu Visweswariah (IBM Research - Watson) , Kaushik Ravindran (UC Berkeley), Kerim Kalafala (IBM Microelectronics), Steven G. Walker (IBM Research - Watson), Sambasivan Narayan (IBM Microelectronics)

The Random Oracle Methodology, Revisited [ACM]
Authors: Ron Canetti (IBM Research - Watson), Oded Goldreich (Weizmann Institute), and Shai Halevi (IBM Research - Watson)

Composing schema mappings: second-order dependencies to the rescue [ACM]
Authors: Ron Fagin (IBM Research - Almaden), Phokion Kolaitis (IBM Research - Almaden), Lucian Popa (IBM Research - Almaden) and Wang-Chiew Tan (UC, Santa Cruz)

2003 (156+ submissions)

ARC: A Self-Tuning, Low Overhead Replacement Cache [USENIX]
Authors: Nimrod Megiddo (IBM Research - Almaden) and Dharmendra Modha (IBM Research - Almaden)

BHUNT: Automatic Discovery of Fuzzy Algebraic Constraints in Relational Data [ACM]
Authors: Peter Haas (IBM Research - Almaden) and Paul Brown (IBM Research - Almaden)

LeakBot: An Automated and Lightweight Tool for Diagnosing Memory Leaks in Java Applications [SiteSeerX]
Authors: Nick Mitchell (IBM Research - Watson) and Gary Sevitsky (IBM Research - Watson)

Statistical Timing for Parametric Yield Prediction of Digital Integrated Circuits [ACM]
Authors: J. A. G. Jess (University of Eindhoven), K. Kalafala (IBM Microelectronics), S. R. Naidu (University of Eindhoven), C. Visweswariah (IBM Research - Watson), R. H. J. M. Otten (University of Eindhoven)

Steerable Interfaces For Pervasive Computing Spaces [IEEE Xplore]
Authors: Gopal Pingali (IBM Research - Watson), Claudio Pinhanez (IBM Research - Watson), Anthony Levas (IBM Research - Watson), Rick Kjeldsen (IBM Research - Watson), Mark Podlaseck (IBM Research - Watson), Han Chen (IBM Research - Watson), Noi Sukaviriya (IBM Research - Watson)

2002 (158+ submissions)

Cut-and-Paste Editing of Multiresolution Surfaces [ACM]
Authors: Henning Biermann (NYU), Ioana Martin (IBM Research - Watson), Fausto Bernardini (IBM Research - Watson) and Denis Zorin (NYU)

Determinism versus Non-determinism for Linear-Time RAMs with Memory Restrictions [ACM]
Authors: Miklos Ajtai (IBM Research - Almaden)

Optimizing Pipelines for Power and Performance [ACM]
Authors: Viji Srinivasan (IBM Research - Watson), David Brooks (IBM Research - Watson, now at Harvard), Michael Gschwind (IBM Research - Watson), Pradip Bose (IBM Research - Watson), Victor Zyuban (IBM Research - Watson), Philip Strenski (IBM Research - Watson), and Philip Emma (IBM Research - Watson)

The BLUE Active Queue Management Algorithms [ACM]
Authors: Wu-Chang Feng (Oregon Health and Science University), Kang G. Shin (University of Michigan), Dilip D Kandlur (IBM Research - Watson) and Debanjan Saha (Tellium, Inc.)

2001 (160+ submissions)

Optimal Aggregation Algorithms for Middleware [ACM]
Authors: Ron Fagin (IBM Research - Almaden), Amnon Lotem (University of Maryland), Moni Naor (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Rank Aggregation Methods for the Web [ACM]
Authors: Cynthia Dwork (Compaq Systems Research Center), Ravi Kumar (IBM Research - Almaden), Moni Naor (Weizmann Institute of Science), D. Sivakumar (IBM Research - Almaden)

Universally Composable Security: A New Paradigm for Cryptographic Protocols [IACR]
AuthorsRan Canetti (Boston University and Tel Aviv University)

2000 (123 submissions) 

Graph Structure in the Web [Purdue]

Authors: Andrei Broder (Altavista), Ravi Kumar (IBM Research - Almaden), Farzin Maghoul (Altavista), Prabhakar Raghavan (IBM Research - Almaden), Sridhar Rajagopalan (IBM Research - Almaden), Ramie Stata (Compaq), Andrew Tomkins (IBM Research - Almaden), Janet Wiener (Compaq)

Shopbots and Pricebots [Siteseer]

Authors: Amy R. Greenwald (Brown) and Jeffrey O. Kephart (IBM Research - Watson)

Transparently Obtaining Scalability for Java Applications on a Cluster [scroll down to "Academic Press"]

Authors: Yariv Aridor (IBM Research - Haifa), Michael Factor (IBM Research - Haifa), Avi Teperman (IBM Research - Haifa), Tamar Eilam (Technion) and Assaf Schuster (Technion)

1999 (120 submissions)

Focused Crawling: a New Approach to Topic-Specific Web Resource Discovery [DSpace]

Authors: Soumen Chakrabarti (IIT Mumbai), Martin van den Berg (Fuji-Xerox Research) and Byron Dom (IBM Research - Almaden)

Ripple Joins for Online Aggregation [ACM]

Authors: Peter Haas (IBM Research - Almaden) and Joe Hellerstein (UC Berkeley)


For information about the Pat Goldberg Memorial Best Paper Award, contact Erik Altman.


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Pat Goldberg was an IBM researcher who was instrumental in establishing the Professional Interest Communities at IBM Research. The Best Paper competition was named in her honor when she passed away after retiring from IBM.

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