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Welcome to the Cellular Engineering lab at IBM Research.

Principal Investigator: Simone Bianco

The goal of our lab is to understand the principles of cellular self-organization to inform rational design of cells and celluar structures for real world applications, from environmental sensing to industrial strain design, to therapeutics. We use mathematics, physics, engineering and computer science to understand and model how cells regulate and optimize their shape and function in response to specific stimuli, and aim at building automated machines out of living cells.

Our group is affiliated with the Center for Cellular Construction, an NSF-funded Science and Technology Center based at UC San Francisco. This effort involves researchers from IBM Almaden Research Center, UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, SF State University, and the SF Exploratorium.

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Recent news


Elsa Rousseau publishes a new paper on plant resistance to viruses and population bottlenecks. (link).


New paper out on Nature Methods on Quanti.us, a novel platform for crowdsourced annotation. The paper contains our new AI algorithm, which is able to efficiently generalize from noisy annotation. (link).


New paper coming out on the Journal of the American Chemical Society, which describes a new synthetic polymer that is able to kill drug resistant cancer cells (link).


Simone publishes a paper on Nature Communications describing a new polymer that is able to kill antimicrobial resistance bacteria (link).

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Welcome to Cellular Engineering interns Amanda Paulson and Jacob Kimmel!


Congrats to Elsa Rousseau for her recent publication on the Journal of General Virology! (link).


Elsa Rousseau presents her recent work on defective viral particles at the 2017 Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease meeting, in Santa Barbara.


Congrats to Sujoy Biswas for his recent publication on the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing! (link).


Simone speaks about viral dynamic at the SIAM Symposium on applications of Dynamical Systems (DS 2017) (abstract here).


Simone publishes an article about Cellular Engineering on www.01net.it (in Italian).


Press release about recent paper about the role of the animal reservoir on the spread of the Ebola virus.

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