Collaborative AI       


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Collaborative AI - overview

Certain problems in real life require collaboration (cooperation, competition, or coordination) from multiple agents (human or machines) in a social machine to take a decision that maximizes an overall or public goal or utility. Every agent in such a collaborative setting has its own private goal or utility. It is often a challenge to maximize the public utility while balancing each agent's individual private goals.



We have developed a Collaborative Cognition (e.g., Sensing, Learning, and Decision Making) framework and a corresponding AI technology platform (touted as CC-Platform) to provide solutions for such real-world problems. Collaborative Cognition refers to an analytic viewpoint that looks beyond an individual’s cognition to include interactions of individuals with others (including other non-human cognitive agents) in order to develop far superior collective intelligence through computational modeling/evaluations of strategic interactions/engagements among the collaborating agents.


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