Center for Computational Health - Patents

6/12/18 - IBM Granted US Patent 9,996,889: Identifying group and individual-level risk factors via risk-driven patient stratification. D Gotz, PYS Hsueh, J Hu, J Sun.

1/3/17 - IBM granted US Patent 9,536,194: Method and system for exploring the associations between drug side-effects and therapeutic indications. N Cao, J Hu, RK Sorrentino, F Wang, P Zhang.

8/30/16 - IBM Granted US Patent 9,430,616: Extracting clinical care pathways correlated with outcomes. MJ Duftler, J Hu, G. Lakshmanan, S Rozsnyai, F Wang.

8/12/14 - IBM Granted US Patent 8,805,756: Enhanced DeepQA in a medical environment. G Boss, C Chen-Ritzo, R Hamilton II, J Hu, C Pickover.

2/25/14 - IBM Granted US Patent 8,660,857: Method and system for outcome based referral using healthcare data of patient and physician populations. S Ebadollahi, J Hu, M Kohn, J Laserson, H Neuvirth-Telem, L Shpiegelman, R Sorrentino.

12/31/13 - IBM Granted US Patent 8,620,690: Assessing practitioner value in multi-practitioner settings. J. Hu, F. Wang, R. Sorrentino, S. Ebadollahi.

11/12/13 - IBM Granted US Patent 8,583,586: Mining temporal patterns in longitudinal event data using discrete event matrices and sparse coding. S Ebadollahi, J Hu, M Kohn, N. Lee, R Sorrentino, J Sun, F Wang.