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2019 Internship Program - Position Opened

We always seek highly motivated graduate students, who are interested in experiencing an exciting summer of research. The selected students will have the opportunity to work closely with an outstanding research team on challenging problems that range from leading-edge exploratory work to prototyping real-world systems and applications. During the internship, the students will also have the opportunity to participate in the dynamic technical environment of the largest industrial research organization in the world and network with other students in different fields from other universities.

At a high level, our internships serve a dual purpose:

  • Interns bring in fresh ideas and perspectives to the lab and help us conduct world-class research, thus creating impact.
  • IBM Research provides interns an environment where they experience a world-class industrial research setting.

We measure the success of our internships in one of the following ways:

  • Projects done at internships are targeted towards top conferences and journals. Most of our interns have been successful in the past in publishing their papers in top conferences.
  • Projects completed during the internships become part of larger research projects at IBM.
  • The projects that the students participate in are also of interest to the universities that they come from and help increase collaborations with the universities.

Eligibility Criteria: Graduate students in Computer Science, Mathematical Science and Electrical Engineering and related.

Stipend and Relocation: The interns will be paid a stipend that is competitive with what other leading companies pay in India. 

Location: New Delhi and Bangalore.

Listing below the various open internship positions for 2019 Internship Program. Please click on the link to apply for the position.

Further details on eligibility criteria and detailed problem statements are provided on the linked job application

Link to Apply        Position

190263BR                     Research Intern_IRL (AI Healthcare)

190266BR                     Research Intern_IRL (AI Agriculture)

190721BR                     Research Intern_IRL (AI Fashion)

190773BR                     Research Intern_IRL (AI Lineage)


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