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Research Scientist - Conversational Intelligence Group
Brazil Research Lab - Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil



Intentions, Meanings, and Whys: Designing Content for Voice-based Conversational Museum Guides
Fabrecio Barth, Heloisa Candello, Paulo R. Cavalin, Claudio S. Pinhanez
Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Conversational User Interfaces, 2020
linguistics, computer science


Live It Up: Analyzing Emotions and Language Use in Tweets during the Soccer World Cup Finals
Marisa Vasconcelos, Jussara Almeida, Paulo Cavalin, Claudio Pinhanez
10th ACM Conference on Web Science , 2019


Towards a Human-in-the-Loop Library for Tracking Hyperparameter Tuning in Deep Learning Development
Renan Souza, Liliane Neves, Leonardo Azeredo, Ricardo Luiz, Elaine Tady, Paulo Cavalin, Marta Mattoso
LaDaS@VLDB 2018: Latin American Data Science Workshop

Confusion Matrix-Based Building of Hierarchical Classification
Paulo R. Cavalin, Luiz S. Oliveira
Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition, pp. 271-278, 2018
Abstract   pearson product moment correlation coefficient, pattern recognition, matrix, confusion matrix, confusion, computer science, classifier, artificial intelligence

Specifying and Implementing Multi-Party Conversation Rules with Finite-State-Automata
Maira Gatti de Bayser, Melina Alberio Guerra, Paulo R. Cavalin, Claudio S. Pinhanez
AAAI Workshops, pp. 713-719, 2018
machine learning, finite state machine, conversation, computer science, artificial intelligence


Multi-scale texture recognition systems with reduced cost: A case study on forest species
Paulo R. Cavalin, Marcelo N. Kapp, Luiz S. Oliveira
2017 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), pp. 1316-1321
Abstract   texture recognition, support vector machine, reduced cost, pattern recognition, image resolution, feature extraction, cost reduction, computer science, artificial intelligence

A Review of Texture Classification Methods and Databases
Paulo Cavalin, Luiz S. Oliveira
2017 30th SIBGRAPI Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images Tutorials (SIBGRAPI-T), pp. 1-8
Abstract   texture recognition, pattern recognition, noise measurement, matrix, local binary patterns, encoding, convolutional neural network, computer science, classification methods, benchmark, artificial intelligence

Deep features for breast cancer histopathological image classification
Fabio A. Spanhol, Luiz S. Oliveira, Paulo R. Cavalin, Caroline Petitjean, Laurent Heutte
2017 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), pp. 1868-1873
Abstract   visualization, scalability, machine learning, feature vector, feature extraction, electronic mail, contextual image classification, computer science, classifier, artificial neural network, artificial intelligence


Building a Question-Answering Corpus Using Social Media and News Articles
Cavalin, Paulo and Figueiredo, Flavio and de Bayser, Ma{\'\i}ra and Moyano, Luis and Candello, Heloisa and Appel, Ana and Souza, Renan
International Conference on Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language, pp. 353--358, 2016

Blue Man Group no ASSIN: Usando Representacoes Distribuidas para Similaridade Semantica e Inferencia Textual
Luciano Barbosa, Paulo R. Cavalin, Victor Guimaraes, Matthias Kormaksson
Linguamatica 8(2), 15-22, 2016
Abstract   semantic similarity, ranking, portuguese, natural language processing, logical consequence, feature vector, f1 score, deep learning, computer science, brazilian portuguese, artificial intelligence


Life Event Detection using Conversations from Social Media
Luis Moyano, Paulo Cavalin, Pedro Paiva Miranda
Anais do Brazilian Workshop on Social Network Analysis and Mining (BraSNAM), 2015
Abstract   sociology, life events, humanities

An Adaptive Multi-level Framework for Forest Species Recognition
Paulo R. Cavalin, Marcelo N. Kapp, Luiz E.S. Oliveira
2015 Brazilian Conference on Intelligent Systems (BRACIS), pp. 92-97
Abstract   k nearest neighbors algorithm, quadtree, pattern recognition, neural gas, feature vector, feature extraction, feature, feature, computer science, classification scheme, artificial intelligence

A Multiple Classifier System for Classifying Life Events on Social Media
Paulo R. Cavalin, Luis G. Moyano, Pedro P. Miranda
2015 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshop (ICDMW), pp. 1332-1335
Abstract   vocabulary, statistical classification, social media, multiple classifier, machine learning, life events, feature extraction, conversation, computer science, classifier, artificial intelligence

Transfer learning between texture classification tasks using Convolutional Neural Networks
Luiz G. Hafemann, Luiz S. Oliveira, Paulo R. Cavalin, Robert Sabourin
2015 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), pp. 1-7
Abstract   transfer of learning, robustness, percentage point, pattern recognition, machine learning, local binary patterns, feature vector, convolutional neural network, convolution, computer science, classifier, artificial intelligence


Handling Big Data on Agent-based Modeling of Online Social Networks with Mapreduce
Maira A. de C. Gatti, Marcos R. Vieira, Joao Paulo F. de Melo, Paulo Rodrigo Cavalin, Claudio Santos Pinhanez
Proceedings of the 2014 Winter Simulation Conference, pp. 851--862, IEEE Press

Towards Personalized Offers by Means of Life Event Detection on Social Media and Entity Matching
Paulo Rodrigo Cavalin, Maira Gatti, Claudio Santos Pinhanez
HT (Doctoral Consortium / Late-breaking Results / Workshops), 2014
Abstract   world wide web, software framework, social media, life events, infosphere, ibm, computer science, blossom algorithm

Automatic forest species recognition based on multiple feature sets
Marcelo N. Kapp, Rodrigo Bloot, Paulo Rodrigo Cavalin, Luiz E. S. Oliveira
Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2014 International Joint Conference on, pp. 1296-1303
Abstract   segmentation based object categorization, scale space segmentation, pattern recognition, mathematics, kanade lucas tomasi feature tracker, feature vector, feature extraction, feature detection, feature, feature, computer vision, artificial intelligence

Forest Species Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Luiz G. Hafemann, Luiz S. Oliveira, Paulo Cavalin
ICPR 14 Proceedings of the 2014 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition, pp. 1103-1107
Abstract   support vector machine, pattern recognition, local binary patterns, image texture, image resolution, feature extraction, deep learning, convolutional neural network, computer vision, computer science, cognitive neuroscience of visual object recognition, a


Reaction times for user behavior models in microblogging online social networks
Samuel Martins Barbosa Neto, Maira Athanazio De Cerqueira Gatti, Paulo Rodrigo Cavalin, Claudio Santos Pinhanez, Cicero Nogueira Dos Santos, Ana Paula Appel
Proceedings of the 2103 workshop on Data-driven user behavioral modelling and mining from social media, pp. 17--20, 2013

A Simulation-based Approach to Analyze the Information Diffusion in Microblogging Online Social Network
Maira A de C Gatti, Ana Paula Appel, Cicero Nogueira dos Santos, Claudio Santos Pinhanez, Paulo Rodrigo Cavalin, Samuel Barbosa Neto
Winter Simulation Conference, WSC'13, 2013
accepted for publication

Large-Scale Multi-Agent-based Modeling and Simulation of Microblogging-based Online Social Network
Maira Gatti, Ana Paula Appel, Claudio Pinhanez, Cicero dos Santos, Daniel Gribel, Paulo Cavalin, and Samuel Barbosa Neto
The 14th International Workshop on Multi-Agent-based Simulation (MABS, AAMAS 2013)