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Software Engineer
IBM Research - Africa



A Framework for Inferring Epidemiological Model Parameters using Bayesian Nonparametrics
Oliver E. Bent, Charles Wachira, Sekou L. Remy, William Ogallo, Aisha Walcott-Bryant
AMIA 2021 Annual Symposium (accepted)

AI-assisted tracking of worldwide non-pharmaceutical interventions for COVID-19
Parthasarathy Suryanarayanan, Ching-Huei Tsou, Ananya Poddar, Diwakar Mahajan, Bharath Dandala, Piyush Madan, Anshul Agrawal, Charles Wachira, Osebe Mogaka Samuel, Osnat Bar-Shira, Clifton Kipchirchir, Sharon Okwako, William Ogallo, Fred Otieno, Timothy Nyota, Fiona Matu, Vesna Resende Barros, Daniel Shats, Oren Kagan, Sekou Remy, Oliver Bent, Pooja Guhan, Shilpa Mahatma, Aisha Walcott-Bryant, Divya Pathak, Michal Rosen-Zvi
Scientific Data 8(1), 94, 2021


A Platform for Disease Intervention Planning
Charles M. Wachira, Sekou L. Remy, Oliver Bent, Nelson Bore, Samuel Osebe, Komminist Weldemariam, Aisha Walcott-Bryant
2020 IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI), pp. 1--8, IEEE


Enhancing Guideline-Based Prescribing and Personalized Medication Scheduling
Charles Wachira, Samuel Osebe, William Ogallo, Aisha Walcott
MedInfo, 2019

Enabling Care Continuity using a Digital Health Wallet
Samuel Osebe, Charles M Wachira, Fiona Matu, Nelson Bore, David Kaguma, Juliet Mutahi, William Ogallo, Celia Cintas, Sekou L Remy, Aisha Walcott, Komminist Weldemariam
2019 IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics, ICHI 2019, Xi'an, China, June 10-13, 2019, pp. 1--7

Exploring Rural Community Practices in HIV Management for the Design of Technology for Hypertensive Patients Living with HIV
Erick Oduor, Carolyn Pang, Charles Wachira, Rachel K.E. Bellamy, Timothy Nyota, Sekou L. Remy, Aisha Walcott-Bryant, Wycliffe Omwanda, and Julius Mbeya
Proceedings of the Conference on the Design of Interactive Systems,, pp. 10, ACM (Honourable Mention Award for Best Paper DIS 2019, Paper ranked among the top 2%), 2019


A Mobile-based Deployment of a Frugal ITS System for Nairobi, Kenya
Aisha Walcott-Bryant, Reginald E. Bryant, Michiaki Tatsubori, Daniel Emaasit, Sam Osebe, John Wamburu, Peter Maina, Charles Wachira, Simone Fobi, Sekou Remy
Transportation Research Board-Annual Meeting, 2018

Medication Management Companion (MMC) for a Rural Kenyan Community
Erick Oduor, Timothy Nyota, Charles Wachira, Sam Osebe, Sekou L. Remy, Aisha Walcott
CSCW '18 Companion of the 2018 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computin