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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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A Generative Policy Model for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Daniel Cunnington, Irene Manotas, Mark Law, Geeth de Mel, Seraphin Calo, Elisa Bertino and Alessandra Russo
22th EEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Conference Management System (ITSC), 2019


AGENP: An ASGrammar-based GENerative Policy Framework
Seraphin Calo, Irene Manotas, Geeth de Mel, Daniel Cunnigton, Mark Law, Dinesh Verma, Elisa Bertino, Alessandra Russo
2nd International Workshop on Policy-based Autonomic Data Governance , 2018

Exploring Evolutionary Search Strategies to Improve Applications' Energy Efficiency
Irene Manotas, James Clause and Lori Pollock
10th Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering, pp. 278-292, Springer, Cham, 2018


An empirical study of practitioners' perspectives on green software engineering
Manotas, Irene and Bird, Christian and Zhang, Rui and Shepherd, David and Jaspan, Ciera and Sadowski, Caitlin and Pollock, Lori and Clause, James
Software Engineering (ICSE), 2016 IEEE/ACM 38th International Conference on, pp. 237--248


Resource Usage Characterization for Social Networks Analytics on Spark
Manotas, Irene and Zhang, Rui and Li, Min and Tewari, Renu and Hildebrand, Dean
Poster in SC15, 2015

Towards a Big Data benchmarking and demonstration suite for the online social network era with realistic workloads and live data
Zhang, Rui and Manotas, Irene and Li, Min and Hildebrand, Dean
Workshop on Big Data Benchmarks, Performance Optimization, and Emerging Hardware, pp. 25--36, 2015


Overlapped block-based compressive sensing imaging on mobile handset devices
Manotas, Irene and Arguello Fuentes, Henry
Revista Facultad de Ingenieria Universidad de Antioquia pp. 70, 173--184, Universidad de Antioquia, 2014

SEEDS: a software engineer's energy-optimization decision support framework
Manotas, Irene and Pollock, Lori and Clause, James
Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Software Engineering, pp. 503--514, 2014


Automatic detection of ambiguous terminology for software requirements
Wang, Yue and Guti{\'e}rrez, Irene L Manotas and Winbladh, Kristina and Fang, Hui
International Conference on Application of Natural Language to Information Systems, pp. 25--37, 2013

Investigating the impacts of web servers on web application energy usage
Manotas, Irene and Sahin, Cagri and Clause, James and Pollock, Lori and Winbladh, Kristina
Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Green and Sustainable Software, pp. 16--23, 2013


Initial explorations on design pattern energy usage
Sahin, Cagri and Cayci, Furkan and Guti{\'e}rrez, Irene Lizeth Manotas and Clause, James and Kiamilev, Fouad and Pollock, Lori and Winbladh, Kristina
Green and Sustainable Software (GREENS), 2012 First International Workshop on, pp. 55--61