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Research Staff Member
MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, IBM Research, Cambridge, MA, USA


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Online optimal control under constraints
Yingying Li, Subhro Das
U.S. Patent App., 17/386589

Rapid development of user intent and analytic specification in complex data spaces
Gigi Yuen-Reed, Kimberly Dunwoody, Subhro Das, Tricia Garrett
U.S. Patent App., 17/385750

System and method for leveraging dynamical priors for symbolic mappings in safe reinforcement learning
Nathan Fulton, Subhro Das, Nathan Hunt, Nghia Hoang
U.S. Patent App., 17/179015

Skills and tasks demand forecasting
Subhro Das, Wyatt Clarke, Sebastian Steffen, Prabhat Reddy, Erik Brynjolfsson, Martin Fleming
U.S. Patent App., 17/159449


Graph Convolutional Networks for Video Grounding
Chuang Gan, Sijia Liu, Subhro Das, Dakuo Wang, Yang Zhang
U.S. Patent App., 16/792208.


Formally Safe Symbolic Reinforcement Learning on Visual Inputs
Subhro Das, Nathan Hunt, Nathan Fulton, Nghia Hoang
U.S. Patent App., 16/709633.

Personalized Patient Engagement in Care Management Using Explainable Behavioral Phenotypes
Subhro Das, Sara Rosenthal, Pei-Yun Hsueh, Ken Barker, Ching-Hua Chen, Chandramouli Maduri, Adam Faulkner, Gema Almoguera
U.S. Patent App., 16/593178.

Data Protection Distributed Learning
Subhro Das
U.S. Patent App., 16/588456.

Health Behavioral Capacity Monitoring
Subhro Das, Pei-Yun S. Hsueh, ChandramouliMaduri, Ching-Hua Chen, Henry Chang, Kim Walter, Disclosure No. IPCOM000258137D.


Input Data Correction
Henry Chang, James Codella, Subhro Das
U.S. Patent App., 15/581869.


Model Adaptation and Online Learning for Unstable Environments
Subhro Das, Prasanth Lade, Soundar Srinivasan, Rumi Ghosh
U.S. Patent App., 15/346707.