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Staff Research Scientist and Research Manager
MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, IBM Research, Cambridge, MA, USA


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Adversarial attacks for improving cooperative multi-agent reinforcement learning systems
Nhan Pham, Lam Nguyen, Jie Chen, Thanh Hoang, Subhro Das
US Patent App., 17/951870

Certification-based robust training by refining decision boundary
Lam Nguyen, Wang Zhang, Subhro Das, Pin-Yu Chen, Alexandre Megretski, Luca Daniel
US Patent App., 17/933473

Identifying skill adjacencies and skill gaps for generating reskilling recommendations and explainability
Saksham Gandhi, Raj Nagesh, Subhro Das
US Patent App., 17/805711


Fair selective classification via a variational mutual information upper bound for imposing sufficiency
Joshua Lee, Yuheng Bu, Deepta Rajan, Prasanna Sattigeri, Subhro Das, Rameswar Panda, Gregory Wornell
US Patent App., 17/565411

Distributed Sharing of Clinical Parameters
Subhro Das, Kenney Ng, William O'Keeffe, Uri Kartoun, Disclosure No. IPCOM000267308D

Online optimal control under constraints
Yingying Li, Subhro Das
U.S. Patent App., 17/386589

Rapid development of user intent and analytic specification in complex data spaces
Gigi Yuen-Reed, Kimberly Dunwoody, Subhro Das, Tricia Garrett
U.S. Patent App., 17/385750

Leveraging dynamical priors for symbolic mappings in safe reinforcement learning
Nathan Fulton, Subhro Das, Nathan Hunt, Nghia Hoang
U.S. Patent App., 17/179015

Skills and tasks demand forecasting
Subhro Das, Wyatt Clarke, Sebastian Steffen, Prabhat Reddy, Erik Brynjolfsson, Martin Fleming
U.S. Patent App., 17/159449


Graph Convolutional Networks for Video Grounding
Chuang Gan, Sijia Liu, Subhro Das, Dakuo Wang, Yang Zhang
U.S. Patent, 11442986.


Formally Safe Symbolic Reinforcement Learning on Visual Inputs
Subhro Das, Nathan Hunt, Nathan Fulton, Nghia Hoang
U.S. Patent App., 16/709633.

Personalized Patient Engagement in Care Management Using Explainable Behavioral Phenotypes
Subhro Das, Sara Rosenthal, Pei-Yun Hsueh, Ken Barker, Ching-Hua Chen, Chandramouli Maduri, Adam Faulkner, Gema Almoguera
U.S. Patent App., 16/593178.

Data Protection Distributed Learning
Subhro Das
U.S. Patent App., 16/588456.

Health Behavioral Capacity Monitoring
Subhro Das, Pei-Yun S. Hsueh, ChandramouliMaduri, Ching-Hua Chen, Henry Chang, Kim Walter, Disclosure No. IPCOM000258137D.


Input Data Correction
Henry Chang, James Codella, Subhro Das
U.S. Patent, 20180314573A1.


Model Adaptation and Online Learning for Unstable Environments
Subhro Das, Prasanth Lade, Soundar Srinivasan, Rumi Ghosh
U.S. Patent, 11,144,842 B2.