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Staff Research Scientist & IBM Master Inventor
Cambridge, MA


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Professional Associations:  IEEE, Senior Member


Authentication using temporal characters (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Ireddy A, Batchelder S, Mascioli H

Information sharing with effective attention management system (IBM patent application)
Hewitt T, Compton C, Fox J, Lu F, Kartoun U


A method to enhance security of transaction machines (IBM patent application)
Park Y, Sylla I, Gurev V, Kozloski J, Kartoun U

Monitoring item mismatches during checkouts in stores and preventing losses due to the item mismatches (IBM patent application)
Trim C, Grant R, Fox J, Lu F, Kartoun U

Dynamic management of application uninstallation (IBM patent application)
Decrop C, Trim C, Fox J, Lu F, Kartoun U

Interactive subgroup discovery
Kwon BC, Kartoun U, Khurshid SS, Lubitz SA, Ng K (Broad Institute-IBM patent application)

Method for concealing sensitive mail return addresses (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Gkoulalas-Divanis A, Batchelder S, Sugavanam K

Enhancing investment account security (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Batchelder S, Smith S, Krishnan J

Contact information updated by data analysis (IBM patent application)
Lu F, Decrop C, Fox J, Kartoun U

Content based security requirements (IBM patent application)
Lu F, Fox J, Keen M, Kartoun U

Data gathering and management for human-based studies (IBM issued patent)
Shahn Z, Kartoun U, Sow D, Ng K, Hu J

Controlling a display based on a proximity of a portable device (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Krishnan S, Krishnan J, Gkoulalas-Divanis A

Wearable measurement management (IBM patent application)
Silverstein Z, Fox J, Rakshit S, Kartoun U

Dental implant reconstruction and restoration based on digital twin (IBM patent application)
Ghosh P, Kartoun U, Suggala LS, Bhavaraju R


Time controlled medication
Kartoun U, Silverstein Z, Rakshit S (IBM patent application)

Deleting content from temporary memory
Preiss T, Trim C, Fox J, Lu F, Kartoun U (IBM patent application)

Virtual reality content adaptation (IBM patent application)
Silverstein Z, Fox J, Rakshit S, Kartoun U

Automated model pipeline generation with entity monitoring, interaction, and intervention (IBM patent application)
Wang D, Chaudhary A, Yang JH, Chen B, Bramble G, Gan C, Kartoun U, Long VU


Score-based permission system (IBM issued patent)
Kartoun U, Foreman M, Sharma A, Lu F

Software application validation (IBM patent application)
Trim C, Jenkins J, Lu F, Kartoun U, Fox J

System for assignment of assessment tasks based on task criteria and reviewer credentials (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Rudakevych T, Stavropoulos C, Batchelder S, Aldous V, LaScaleia M, Campion F, Ng K

Managing meeting divergence (IBM patent application)
Bastide P, Alkalay Y, Lu F, Kartoun U

Monitoring meeting participation level (IBM issued patent)
Bastide P, Alkalay Y, Lu F, Kartoun U

System for alerting to skin conditions (IBM issued patent)
Kartoun U, Batchelder S, Aldous V, Lu F, Campion F

Improving medication adherence through personalized alerts (IBM patent application)
Park Y, Sarker H, Lu F, Kartoun U

Systems and methods for assessing signs and symptoms in congestive heart failure patients (IBM issued patent)
Kartoun U, Ng K, Rudakevych T, Stavropoulos C, Batchelder S, Aldous V, Chiu A, Osofsky D, Campion F, Tang P

Visitor invitation management (IBM issued patent)
Jenkins J, Fox J, Kartoun U, Lu F

Systems and methods for determining data storage health and alerting to breakdowns in data collection (IBM issued patent)
Kartoun U, Ng K, Rudakevych T, Park Y, Stavropoulos C, Batchelder S, Aldous V, Osofsky D, Chiu A, Campion F, Tang P

Sentiment analysis based event scheduling system (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Lu F, Perer A






Automated clustering for patient disposition (Microsoft issued patent)
Gillam M, Cazangi R, Kontsevoy A, Kartoun U, Wu H


A device and method for detecting an epileptic event (Biolert issued patent)
Kramer U, Shaham A, Shpitalnik S, Weissman N, Goren Y, Kartoun U


Real-time synchronous semantic processing in electronic documentation (Microsoft)
Kartoun U, Gillotte J, Singh P, Gillam M, Feied C, Handler J