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A system and method to utilize unstructured literature or web data to guide study design in healthcare databases (IBM patent application)
Park Y, Lu F, Das A, Kartoun U

Appropriately distributing items using augmented reality (IBM patent application)
Jenkins J, Fox J, Lu F, Kartoun U

Method and system for providing an optimized and efficient mechanism for engaging reporters/journalists (IBM defensive publication)
Fox J, Jenkins J, Kartoun U, Lu F

Pre-authorization process using Blockchain (IBM patent application)
Lu F, Kartoun U

Dynamic document clearance using Blockchain (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Lu F

Method and system for enhancing brand logo using data visualization (IBM defensive publication)
Kartoun U, Lu F, Perer A.

Intelligent address book representation method (IBM defensive publication)
Jenkins J, Fox J, Lu F, Kartoun U

Sparse MRI data collection and classification using machine learning (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Fang L, Pore M.

Identifying and extracting stimulus-response variables from electronic health records (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Ng K, Chiu A, Lascaleia M, Park Y, Honour M, Das A, Tang P

Cognitive data sharing (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Liu X, Lu F

System for early detection of disease breakouts (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Pore M, Lu F

Method for personalizing treatment guidelines using precision cohorts from data driven evidence (IBM patent application)
Ng K, Kartoun U, Tang P, Stavropoulos C, Park Y, Chiu A, Das A


Verifying medical conditions of patients in electronic medical records (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Ng K

Evaluating completeness/data quality of electronic medical record data sources (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Ng K, Chiu A, Seo N, Park Y, Honour M, Das A, Tang P

Selective proximity-based interrogation of portable health monitor device to assist physician evaluation of patient habits (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Lu F, Park Y, Ng K

Evaluating patient electronic medical records to determine potential need for second opinion (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Lu F, Park Y, Ng K

Extracting patient health information from commercial transactions to generate treatment information for medical personnel (IBM patent application)
Kartoun U, Lu F, Park Y, Ng K




Automated clustering for patient disposition (Microsoft issued patent)
Gillam M, Cazangi R, Kontsevoy A, Kartoun U, Wu H.


A device and method for detecting an epileptic event (Biolert issued patent)
Kramer U, Shaham A, Shpitalnik S, Weissman N, Goren Y, Kartoun U


Real-time synchronous semantic processing in electronic documentation (Microsoft)
Kartoun U, Gillotte J, Singh P, Gillam M, Feied C, Handler J.