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Outcome Aware Ranking in Interaction Networks
Sameep Mehta, S Kameshwaran, Vinayaka Pandit, N Viswanadham and Kashyap Dixit
ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2010)


Analyses for service interaction networks with applications to service delivery
S Kameshwaran, S Mehta, V Pandit, G Parija, S Singh, N Viswanadham
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Towards providing value based differentiated qos
Girish Chafle, Sameep Mehta, Gyana R Parija
Services Computing, 2009. SCC'09. IEEE International Conference on, pp. 136--143


On quantifying changes in temporally evolving dataset
R Choudhary, S Mehta, A Bagchi
Proceeding of the 17th ACM conference on Information and knowledge management, pp. 1459--1460, 2008

Towards characterization of actor evolution and interactions in news corpora
R Choudhary, S Mehta, A Bagchi, R Balakrishnan
Proceedings of the IR research, 30th European conference on Advances in information retrieval, pp. 422--429, 2008

A visual-analytic toolkit for dynamic interaction graphs
X Yang, S Asur, S Parthasarathy, S Mehta
Proceeding of the 14th ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining, pp. 1016--1024, 2008


A Framework for Exploration of News Corpora by Actor Evolution and Interaction
R Choudhary, S Mehta, A Bagchi, R Balakrishnan
2007 - Citeseer, Citeseer

Toward interactive learning by concept ordering
S Godbole, S Joshi, S Mehta, G Ramakrishnan
Proceedings of the eighteenth conference on Hypertext and hypermedia, pp. 150, 2007


On Trajectory Representation for Scientific Features
S Mehta, S Parthasarathy, R Machiraju
Sixth International Conference on Data Mining, 2006, pp. 997--1001