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Research Staff Member at IBM Research UK
Daresbury Laboratory, WA4 4AD England



Uncertainty Quantification at the Molecular--Continuum Model Interface
Zimo{\'n}, Ma{\l}gorzata J and Sawko, Robert and Emerson, David R and Thompson, Christopher
Fluids 2(1), 12, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2017


A novel coupling of noise reduction algorithms for particle flow simulations
Malgorzata J Zimon, Jason M Reese, David R Emerson
Journal of Computational Physics321, 169--190, Elsevier, 2016

An evaluation of noise reduction algorithms for particle-based fluid simulations in multi-scale applications
Malgorzata J Zimon, R Prosser, David R Emerson, Matthew K Borg, L Grinberg, D Bray, Jason M Reese
JCP, Elsevier, 2016