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Research Staff Member, Lithography, Exploratory Devices, Neuromorphic Computing
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA



Highly selective dry etching of polystyrene-poly (methyl methacrylate) block copolymer by gas pulsing carbon monoxide-based plasmas
Miyazoe, Hiroyuki and Jagtiani, Ashish V and Tsai, Hsin-Yu and Engelmann, Sebastian U and Joseph, Eric A
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50(20), 204001, IOP Publishing, 2017

High Performance and Low Leakage Current InGaAs-on-Silicon FinFETs with 20 nm Gate Length
X. Sun, C. Demic, C.-W. Cheng, A. Majumdar, Y. Sun, E. Cartier, R. Bruce, M. Frank, H. Miyazoe, K.-T. Shiu, S. Lee, J. Rozen, J. Patel, T. Ando, W.-B. Song, M. Lofaro, M. Krishnan, B. Obrodovic, K.-T. Lee, H. Tsai, W.-E. Wang, W. Spratt, K. Chan, S. Lee, P. Hashemi, M. Khojaste
VLSI Tech. Symp., 2017

DSA patterning options for logics and memory applications
Liu, Chi-Chun and Franke, Elliott and Mignot, Yann and LeFevre, Scott and Sieg, Stuart and Chi, Cheng and Meli, Luciana and Parnell, Doni and Schmidt, Kristin and Sanchez, Martha and others
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 1014603--1014603, 2017

Neuromorphic technologies for next-generation cognitive computing
Shelby, Robert M and Narayanan, Pritish and Ambrogio, Stefano and Tsai, Hsinyu and Hosokawa, Kohji and Lewis, Scott C and Burr, Geoffrey W
Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing Conference (EDTM), 2017 IEEE, pp. 8--9

Design technology co-optimization assessment for directed self-assembly-based lithography: design for directed self-assembly or directed self-assembly for design?
Lai, Kafai and Liu, Chi-Chun and Tsai, Hsinyu and Xu, Yongan and Chi, Cheng and Raghunathan, Ananthan and Dhagat, Parul and Hu, Lin and Park, Oseo and Jung, Sunggon and others
Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS 16(1), 013502--013502, International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2017

Directed self-assembly patterning strategies for phase change memory applications
Bruce, Robert L and Fraczak, Gloria and Papalia, John M and Tsai, HsinYu and BrightSky, Matt and Miyazoe, Hiroyuki and Zhu, Yu and Engelmann, Sebastian U and Lung, Hsiang-Lan and Masuda, Takeshi and others
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 101490J--101490J, 2017


Ultimate 2D resolution printing with negative tone development
Burkhardt, Martin and Xu, Yongan and Tsai, Hsinyu and Tritchkov, Alexander and Mellmann, J{\"o}rg
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 97800E--97800E, 2016

High chi block copolymer DSA to improve pattern quality for FinFET device fabrication
Tsai, Hsinyu and Miyazoe, Hiroyuki and Vora, Ankit and Magbitang, Teddie and Arellano, Noel and Liu, Chi-Chun and Maher, Michael J and Durand, William J and Dawes, Simon J and Bucchignano, James J and others
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 977910--977910, 2016

DSA patterning options for FinFET formation at 7nm node
Liu, Chi-Chun C and Franke, Elliott and Lie, Fee Li and Sieg, Stuart and Tsai, Hsinyu and Lai, Kafai and Truong, Hoa and Farrell, Richard and Somervell, Mark and Sanders, Daniel and others
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 97770R--97770R, 2016


Fin formation using graphoepitaxy DSA for FinFET device fabrication
Liu, Chi-Chun and Lie, Fee Li and Rastogi, Vinayak and Franke, Elliott and Mohanty, Nihar and Farrell, Richard and Tsai, Hsinyu and Lai, Kafai and Ozlem, Melih and Cho, Wooyong and others
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 94230S--94230S, 2015

Directed self-assembly of topcoat-free, integration-friendly high-$\chi$ block copolymers
Hirahara, Eri and Paunescu, Margareta and Polishchuk, Orest and Jeong, EunJeong and Ng, Edward and Shan, Jianhui and Kim, Jihoon and Hong, SungEun and Baskaran, Durairaj and Lin, Guanyang and others
Proc. of SPIE Vol, pp. 94250P--1, 2015

Customization and design of directed self-assembly using hybrid prepatterns
Cheng, Joy and Doerk, Gregory S and Rettner, Charles T and Singh, Gurpreet and Tjio, Melia and Truong, Hoa and Arellano, Noel and Balakrishnan, Srinivasan and Brink, Markus and Tsai, Hsinyu and others
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 942307--942307, 2015


Electrical characterization of FinFETs with fins formed by directed self assembly at 29 nm fin pitch using a self-aligned fin customization scheme
Tsai, Hsinyu and Miyazoe, Hiroyuki and Chang, Josephine B and Pitera, Jed and Liu, Chi-Chun and Brink, Markus and Lauer, Isaac and Cheng, Joy Y and Engelmann, Sebastian and Rozen, John and others
Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 2014 IEEE International, pp. 32--1

Towards electrical testable SOI devices using Directed Self-Assembly for fin formation
Liu, Chi-Chun and Estrada-Raygoza, Cristina and He, Hong and Cicoria, Michael and Rastogi, Vinayak and Mohanty, Nihar and Tsai, Hsinyu and Schepis, Anthony and Lai, Kafai and Chao, Robin and others
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 904909--904909, 2014

Computational lithography platform for 193i-guided directed self-assembly
Kafai Lai, Melih Ozlem, Jed W Pitera, Chi-chun Liu, Anthony Schepis, Daniel Dechene, Azalia Krasnoperova, Daniel Brue, Jassem Abdallah, Hsinyu Tsai, others
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 90521A--90521A, 2014

Toward electrical testable SOI devices using DSA for fin formation
Chi-Chun Liu, Cristina Estrada-Raygoza, Hong He, Michael Cicoria, Vinayak Rastogi, Nihar Mohanty, Hsinyu Tsai, Anthony Schepis, Kafai Lai, Robin Chao, others
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 904909--904909, 2014


Pattern transfer of directed self-assembly patterns for CMOS device applications
H Tsai, H Miyazoe, S Engelmann, CC Liu, L Gignac, J Bucchignano, D Klaus, C Breslin, E Joseph, J Cheng, D Sanders, M Guillorn
J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS., 2013

Directed self-assembly process implementation in a 300mm pilot line environment
Chi-Chun Liu, I Cristina Estrada-Raygoza, Jassem Abdallah, Steven Holmes, Yunpeng Yin, Anthony Schepis, Michael Cicoria, David Hetzer, Hsinyu Tsai, Michael Guillorn, others
SPIE Advanced Lithography, pp. 86801G--86801G, 2013


Patterning of CMOS Device Structures for 40-80nm Pitches and Beyond
S. U. Engelmann, R. Martin, R. L. Bruce, H. Miyazoe, N. C. M. Fuller, W. S. Graham, E. M. Sikorski, M. Glodde, M. Brink, H. Tsai, J. Bucchignano, D. Klaus, E. Kratschmer, M. A. Guillorn, Y Zhang, G Oehrlein, Q Lin
Advanced Etch Technology For Nanopatterning8328, 2012


Large-scale plasmonic microarrays for label-free high-throughput screening
Chang, Tsung-Yao and Huang, Min and Yanik, Ahmet Ali and Tsai, Hsin-Yu and Shi, Peng and Aksu, Serap and Yanik, Mehmet Fatih and Altug, Hatice
Lab on a Chip 11(21), 3596--3602, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2011


Confining light to deep subwavelength dimensions to enable optical nanopatterning
Andrew, Trisha L and Tsai, Hsin-Yu and Menon, Rajesh
Science 324(5929), 917--921, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2009


Far-field generation of localized light fields using absorbance modulation
Menon, Rajesh and Tsai, Hsin-Yu and Thomas III, Samuel W
Physical review letters 98(4), 043905, APS, 2007

Year Unknown

Micro/Nano Lithography Directed self-assembly for ever-smaller printed circuits
HsinYu Tsai, Michael Guillorn, Gregory Doerk, Joy Cheng, Daniel Sanders, Kafai Lai, Chi-Chun Liu, Matthew Colburn
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