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Research Staff Member, Sequencing the Food Supply Chain
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Professional Associations:  International Society for Computational Biology

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Insular microbiogeography
Kaufman, James H and Elkins, Christopher A and Davis, Matthew and Weis, Allison M and Huang, Bihua C and Mammel, Mark K and Patel, Isha R and Beck, Kristen L and Edlund, Stefan and Chambliss, David and others
arXiv preprint arXiv:1703.07454, 2017


Design of the MCAW compute service for food safety bioinformatics
Edlund, S. B., K. L. Beck, N. Haiminen, L. P. Parida, D. B. Storey, B. C. Weimer, J. H. Kaufman, and D. D. Chambliss.
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The Effect of Genetic Variation on the Human Milk Proteome
Lemay, Danielle G and Beck, Kristen L and Kwok, Eric and Phinney, Brett S and Korf, Ian
The FASEB Journal 30(1 Supplement), 275--2, FASEB, 2016


Comparative Proteomics of Human and Macaque Milk Reveals Species-Specific Nutrition during Postnatal Development
Beck, Kristen L and Weber, Darren and Phinney, Brett S and Smilowitz, Jennifer T and Hinde, Katie and LoĢˆnnerdal, Bo and Korf, Ian and Lemay, Danielle G
Journal of proteome research 14(5), 2143--2157, ACS Publications, 2015


Key roles for GRB2-associated-binding protein 1, phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase, cyclooxygenase 2, prostaglandin E2 and transforming growth factor alpha in linoleic acid-induced upregulation of lung and breast cancer cell growth
Mouradian, M and Kikawa, KD and Johnson, ED and Beck, KL and Pardini, RS
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Adjustment of RNA-Seq data for the effect of highly abundant transcripts: a case study in milk production (622.4)
Beck, Kristen and Turco, Gina and Bradnam, Keith and Rijnkels, Monique and Nommsen-Rivers, Laurie and Korf, Ian and Lemay, Danielle
The FASEB Journal 28(1 Supplement), 622--4, FASEB, 2014

Insights into infant nutrition through cross-species proteomic comparison of primate milks (623.9)
Beck, Kristen and Weber, Darren and Phinney, Brett and Smilowitz, Jennifer and Korf, Ian and Lemay, Danielle
The FASEB Journal 28(1 Supplement), 623--9, FASEB, 2014