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Security Analysis
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Practical Comprehensive Bounds on Surreptitious Communication Over DNS
Vern Paxson, Mihai Christodorescu, Mobin Javed Josyula Rao, Reiner Sailer, Douglas Schales, Marc Ph. Stoecklin, Kurt Thomas Wietse Venema, Nicholas Weaver
USENIX Security, 2013


Stream Computing for Large-Scale, Multi-Channel Cyber Threat Analytics: Architecture, Implementation, Deployment, and Lessons Learned
Douglas L Schales, Mihai Christodorescu, Josyula R Rao, Reiner Sailer, Marc Ph Stoecklin, Wietse Venema
IBM Technical Report, IBM Research Report, 2011


Cloud security is not (just) virtualization security: a short paper
Mihai Christodorescu, Reiner Sailer, Douglas Lee Schales, Daniele Sgandurra, Diego Zamboni
Proceedings of the 2009 ACM workshop on Cloud computing security, pp. 97--102


Texas A\&M University anarchistic key authorization AKA
David Safford, Douglas Schales, David Hess
Proceedings of the Sixth USENIX Security Symposium, 179, 1996


The TAMU security package
David R Saord, Douglas Lee Schales, David K Hess
Proceedings of the Security IV Conference, 91--118, 1993

Secure RPC authentication (SRA) for Telnet and FTP
David R Safford, David K Hess, Douglas Lee Schales, Supercomputer Center
Techn. Rep, Citeseer, 1993

The TAMU security package: An ongoing response to internet intruders in an academic environment
David R Safford, Douglas Lee Schales, David K Hess, Supercomputer Center
DeHart [5], 91--118, 1993

Year Unknown

CALYPSOS: An Experimentation-Friendly, Real-Time, and Scalable Cybersecurity Analytics Engine
Douglas L Schales, Mihai Christodorescu, Mitchell A Cohen, Josyula R Rao, Reiner Sailer