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Dr. Flaviu Cipcigan is a researcher at IBM Research UK and one of Forbes' 30 under 30 innovators and game changers. He works at the interface between data, physics and biology. His research applies molecular dynamics to discover and optimise new medicine and to combat global health challenges such as antibiotic resistance.

Flaviu's PhD has been recognised by the Institute of Physics as a "leading contribution in advancing theoretical condensed matter physics". His work put the foundations of a new molecular model of water that predicts water's physical properties while parameterising to molecular properties. During an internship at IBM, he worked on modelling piezoelectric ceramics, with applications in designing new transistor architectures.

Flaviu has also collaborated with the creative and artistic sector to create projects at the boundary between science and art. Highlights include a book chapter on embodied knowledge and a sculpture featured at the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Outside research, Flaviu is an experienced dancer, with background in Argentine tango and bachata.