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Quantum Systems Component Lead
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Method of forming field effect transistor (FET) circuits, and forming integrated circuit (IC) chips with the FET circuits
John C Arnold, Robert L Bruce, Sebastian U Engelmann, Nathan P Marchack, Hiroyuki Miyazoe, Jeffrey C Shearer, Takefumi Suzuki
US Patent 10,304,692


Rapid oxide etch for manufacturing through dielectric via structures
Engelmann Sebastian U, Hung Li-Wen, Joseph Eric, Osullivan Eugene, Waksman Jeff, Yang Cornelia Tsang

Selective dry etch for directed self assembly of block copolymers
Engelmann, Sebastian U and Jagtiani, Ashish V and Miyazoe, Hiroyuki and Tsai, Hsinyu
US Patent 9,941,121

Plasma shallow doping and wet removal of depth control cap
Bruce, Robert L and Chan, Kevin K and Engelmann, Sebastian U and Goldfarb, Dario L and Hopstaken, Marinus and Khojasteh, Mahmoud and Totir, George G and Yan, Hongwen and Yamazaki, Masahiro and others
US Patent App. 15/895,664


Iii-v extension by high temperature plasma doping
Bruce, Robert L and Chan, Kevin K and Engelmann, Sebastian U and Mo, Renee T and Scerbo, Christopher and Yan, Hongwen and Yau, Jeng-Bang
US Patent App. 15/195,107

Techniques for fabricating horizontally aligned nanochannels for microfluidics and biosensors
Engelmann, Sebastian U and Rossnagel, Stephen M and Zhang, Ying
US Patent 9,643,179

Reactive ion etching assisted lift-off processes for fabricating thick metallization patterns with tight pitch
Cohen, Guy M and Engelmann, Sebastian U and Holmes, Steve and Patel, Jyotica V
US Patent 9,728,444

High aspect ratio patterning of hard mask materials by organic soft masks
Brink, Markus and Engelmann, Sebastian U and Joseph, Eric A and Miyazoe, Hiroyuki
US Patent 9,728,421

High selectivity nitride removal process based on selective polymer deposition
Dasaka, Ravi K and Engelmann, Sebastian U and Fuller, Nicholas CM and Nakamura, Masahiro and Wise, Richard S
US Patent 9,627,533

Low temperature encapsulation for magnetic tunnel junction
A.J. Annunziata, S.U. Engelmann, E.A. Joseph, G.P. Lauer, N.P. Marchack, D.A. Neumayer, M. Yamazaki
US Patent 9,691,972


Techniques for forming contacts for active BEOL
Sebastian U Engelmann, Steve J Holmes, Qinghuang Lin, Nathan P Marchack, Eugene J O'sullivan
US Patent 9,490,164


Neutral hard mask and its application to graphoepitaxy-based directed self-assembly (dsa) patterning
Engelmann, Sebastian U and Khojasteh, Mahmoud and Neumayer, Deborah A and Papalia, John and Tsai, Hsinyu
US Patent App. 14/806,921


Low-Temperature Sidewall Image Transfer Process Using ALD Metals, Metal Oxides and Metal Nitrides
Brink, Markus and Guillorn, Michael A and Engelmann, Sebastian U and Miyazoe, Hiroyuki and Pyzyna, Adam M and Sleight, Jeffrey W
US Patent App. 13/916,109

RL Bruce, SU Engelmann, EA Joseph, M Khojasteh, M Nakamura, SS Papa Rao, BN To, GG Totir, Y Zhu

Protection of intermetal dielectric layers in multilevel wiring structures
Maxime Darnon, Geraud J. M. Dubois, Sebastian U. Engelmann, Teddie P. Magbitang, Sampath Purushothaman, Muthumanickam Sankarapandian, Willi Volksen
US Patent App 20130056874



High selectivity nitride etch process
JB Chang, SU Engelmann, NCM Fuller, MA Guillorn, M Nakamura

J W Sleight, S Bangsaruntip, S U Engelmann, Y Zhang
US Patent 20,110,315,950


Gate patterning of nano-channel devices
Nicholas CM Fuller, Sarunya Bangsaruntip, Guy Cohen, Sebastian U Engelmann, Lidija Sekaric, Qingyun Yang, Ying Zhang
US Patent 7,816,275


Gate patterning of nano-channel devices
NCM Fuller, S Bangsaruntip, G Cohen, SU Engelmann, L Sekaric, Q Yang, Y Zhang